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Music Monday

So after a lively discussion this morning about grunge music (not too sure how that started) it was deemed “Grunge Day” in our department. Which meant people sending around videos of old grunge bands. They included videos from bands I didn’t know like 7 Year Bitch and Bootsauce but other well known bands like Sloan… […]

I kept listening

I was introduced to the stylings of Lana Del Rey though her now infamous appearance on SNL in January of 2012. The next day she was billed as the worst performer ever to appear on the show and dragged through the mud by the media and everyone online for the next little while. I… …more


It is incredible what happens when the sun comes out; people smile easier, your mood changes, and things just seem better. it is truly a miraculous thing. I say this simply because I am sitting at my desk staring at a blue sky with the warmth of the sun kissing my cheek. I just came back in from a… […]

Totally Krossed Out

No this isn’t going to be a whole post about Kris Kross. You remember them? The pre-teens that broke out with the massive hit “Jump Jump” in the early 90s. You can deny your knowledge of them all you want but you know that song is running through your head right now. The Daddy mac… […]

Good Recommendation

I don’t listen to the radio much any more. There just isn’t a lot there that I want to listen to. Every song is about grinding on some ho, or how depressed some is, or how some guy has more bling than some other guy. Plus the beats are flat, the musical construct is sloppy… […]

What’s been happening

Nothing particularly exciting actually. My life has gotten somewhat lame as I live vicariously through the stories that others tell me. Everything I have been doing has been quite… sedentary. I may be turning into dust. Anyways, where should I start? Books is a good a place as any. I have to say I have… …more

You are not Gods

A co-worker of mine passed on this very cool music video that I thought I should pass on to you. It was done by a friend of his who definitely deserves some props. They are family. Awwwww. While watching the video I was reminded of Ren & Stimpy and that apparently… …more

Love Life

When you’re young you are taught that… Dean Martin – You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You For a while  the love of your family is all you need. A tender touch from your mom, a pat on the back from your dad, sibling commradery… …more

Have a look at this

Every once in a while I get wind from somewhere that the band OK Go has released a new video. I realized a while ago that this is something I don’t want to miss. Their videos are always inventive, different, fun, and the music ain’t bad either. By the end product you know they take… […]

My ears are loving it

Some time before the Holidays as I sat in my very quiet apartment I was restless and needed something new to occupy my mind. I had been using music to fill the dead air but even though I have a large collection it quickly became repetitive and boring. I had heard all those songs a hundred times… […]