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La Música

So we haven’t talked about some of the new music out there, here’s a quick look at some of what is playing in my ears these days – …more


As most people already know and have heard Michael Jackson died yesterday at the relatively young age of 50. The whole world stopped in shock to mourn his sudden passing. michael-jackson-ben-j I myself have been struck hard by… …more

The Odd Couple

I love music, all kinds of music. When it comes to music there is no point in closing off an avenue where you might hear a sound, beat, or lyrics that may change your world. It could be hip-hop, disco, rock, pop, ska, trip-hop, electronic, and everything in-between. I myself have an eclectic mixture on… […]

Totally Krossed Out

I am the kind of person that once I hear a song that I like I like it forever. Even if it is over played on the radio and I feel like committing a Picasso if I have to hear it for the 18th time in an hour I still end up tapping… …more

You can do that but please don’t do that

Musical artists like doing cover songs because either it simply has a beat/sound that they love or they want to pay tribute to another artist/band that has had a major influence on them. Some people do it right and some people do it horribly wrong. Let’s look at a few. Covers that are better… …more

Guilty Pleasures – Music Edition

I know, I know, I really shouldn’t be admitting to this in such a public manner but I am going to anyways. Everybody has a guilty pleasure or two and they feel so alone and guarded about it. You can’t help it when that cheesy song comes on and your foot starts to tap uncontrollably… […]

Sing Me A Song

Dido is ever the accomplished songstress – she has never vied for public attention or tried to achieve world domination in terms of popularity but her new record “Safe Trip Home” sparks frenzy in her fans around the world. Better still? She is critically aware of what it is that she is good at musically… […]

Can we hear something else?

I don’t listen to the radio much anymore. I love the Flow morning radio show and I indulge myself for about an hour of it on the way to work. The only other time I listen is at work where they have it on in the background some days at a level that usually I… […]