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White Night

It is very rare that I write a post on the weekend but this is for a special reason. Last night/this morning was the 5th annual Nuit Blanche. It is, as it says on the booklet “For one sleepless night experience Toronto transformed by artists.” It runs from sunset to sunrise and is… …more

Through the Petals

One of the reasons why the long weekend was particularly relaxing was because I got to do something creative. On Monday I set the day aside and did a little painting. It all started a couple days before when Cory gave me a disc of photographs. It was just of an excursion we took… …more

Sha na na na

Na na na na na wa yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip ma ma ma ma ma ma get a job. So the time has come. I have been home for 6 and a half weeks. I am broke and kinda bored. Plus Christmas is coming. And even though I already told… …more

Painting With Light

This photo started out as an assignment – painting with light, and was taken off a picture hanging on my wall.  The only tools required were a pitch black room and a light source. I was thinking about using a flashlight for this but then tought better of it because the light would have been……read more

Frolic in the Park

The MP3 Experiment On September 28 I partook in something called the MP3 Experiment Toronto. It’s an event that has been organized 4 times in different cities across North America. This is not a paid event or advertised. The whole thing is word-of-mouth and free. All you have to do is go to… …more