This site was originally started as a collaboration between me and 2 other people, Nel and Cory. Very early on they kinda fell off only posting something every once in a while. So now it is just me writing things about stuff that I do.

I am a hobby whore. It is like hobby ADD or something cuz I can’t just pick one. I watch movies (constantly), write, paint, make jewellery, read books and comics, generally collect things, and blog. I’m probably missing something in there. I know I am all over the place but it keeps me busy.

The site is also broken down into a few different sections. Everything will be initially posted on the home page but these sections just allow us to label things.

About: Which is…well about me/the site. You are currently reading it so if you don’t know then too bad.

Moving Pictures: Well that is anything I come up with that has moving pictures. So tv, movies, cartoons, anime, and anything else that could be considered. I don’t know about flip books cuz that really works as a book with still pictures. But once you start flipping it seems like it is moving but then that kinda works like how actual film strips work. So, I don’t know. We will cross that hurdle when we get to it.

Paper Cuts: This will be stuff about books. Mainly book reviews. I’m a pretty avid reader so there could be some good stuff. Maybe flip books could go here?

Education: Well I like fun facts, strange definitions, word origins, general knowledge. So anything that is about expanding the mind or winning Jeopardy (Alex Trebek you smug bastard! You know nothing without your precious cards!) will be posted here. (I am kidding Alex I love you. Call me.)

Really?: This is just for general rants about stupid people, retarded things, and just nonsense. I guess this will end up being the biggest part of the site.

Brand Names: This is the fashion department. About trends, bad dressers, good dressers, do’s, don’ts, shows, neon tights, frilly socks, puffy sleeves, and parachute pants.

Canvas: Art and “art” will be discussed here. Painting, sculpture, giant baby bottles, dots and what ever else they are calling art will be foo-fooed about. Bring your baret and raise you nose high.

Paper and Ink: I like to write. Not just critical pieces or psychotic rants but also short stories. Every once in a while I may share. So have a gander at what lurks deeper in my mind. It may be scary sometimes but it will always be entertaining.

Clef Notes: This section is about music, new and old, videos, and artists. I like music, they like music, you like music. It is everywhere and is inescapable. Start snapping your fingers and tapping your toes, let’s have a good time.

Nailed it!: Its about nails. Finger nails. Pretty painted ones. Mine. Almost every week I peruse my large collection of polish and decide how I am going to apply it. This has been going on for years and not enough people appreciate it. So I am putting it up here for you to see.

Well I hope that gave you an in-depth overview of what you will be seeing here. Enjoy.




Heading to a refference

If you see this you are cool

I didn’t expect anyone to have a look at this

It is just a few lines more

Matthew Broderick has aged not well

But not to the level where I can say it was bad

He just seems bloated all the time

But he can act

That is a good thing for an actor






I was kidding

It is not coming up yet

But soon

Just not yet

Originally I did stop up there

but I didn’t think it was far enough

So here I am filling more space

Just wasting your time

But for some reason

You can’t help but keep reading

It isn’t blowing your mind

You find it quite dull

But it is providing

Enough entertainment

To keep you reading

You must be

More bored than I am

As I

Write this

On a slow work day

Lucky you

Are you at work?

You probably are.


Now I think

That is good




Read other things

On the blog

Most of it is more entertaining

Than This

This was hidden for a reason


Why am a British all of a sudden

I think I’ll have

A spot of tea

You’re still here? Go on. That’s it. There is no more to see. Go look somewhere else. Explore.

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