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Weird words we use everyday

To tell you the truth I think all words are weird. Language in general is a very peculiar thing. It is just grunts and sounds arranged in a particular pattern or sequence that we have all collectively agreed has some sort of meaning. English in particular is complex and hard to learn as in it’s… […]

Are Diamonds Forever?

Do you want to know why most men believe they need to spend 2-3 months salary on an engagement ring and why some women still believe they should hold their would-be husbands to that standard? Well, you can blame De Beers. Before the late 1930’s relatively few people bought diamond engagement rings. People… …more

Thought of Food

Thought of Food When living alone one of the hardest things to do is staying fed without going broke or getting scurvy. A lot of people have an issue with that not because they do not want to eat properly but because they lack the skills necessary to make food they enjoy and… …more

Piet M

This week I actually had an inspiration for my nails. I did some research, did some shopping, and created a look I really like. Piet Mondrain is a name that few people outside of the art field know but most people are quite familiar with his work; works blocked with thick black lines filled… …more

What’d you call me?

I haven’t done an education piece in a long, long time. It has been like 2 years incredibly, but it is not that my mind is less curious it is just that I kind of forgot about it. Now I am going to bring it back. This sudden realization comes up because of a discussion… …more

Choking hazard.

This weekend we were invited out to diner with friends to a family birthday at the Keg. The drinks were flowing and the food was delicious. Appetizers appeared before our eyes and we ate contented to wait for our entrée’s.  The conversation flowed as much as the drinks and diner arrived. Everyone was enjoying the… […]

Seasons of our lives

Well I guess as one season ends so another begins – It’s official, summer is over and autumn has started. I can’t believe how fast the leaves start to change colour, it’s only been a week and the once lush green leaves are now turning to rustic reds, oranges and yellows. The once balmy temperatures… […]

What’s so Joyful about it?

Ugh … don’t you hate it when you get a song stuck in your head for some unknown reason? With no logical explanation it just pops into action and you unwillingly find yourself humming a tune. Today that tune is Ode to Joy part of Beethoven’s 9th symphony.  Even now it’s running rampant through my… […]

Ask again later

A couple of weeks ago I went out in the cold to my storage unit to hunt down Christmas decorations. I got the old fake Christmas tree out, lights, and a whole lot of red and gold balls (Ha ha I said “balls”). In my rummaging I came across my “Magic 8-Ball”. I haven’t thought… […]

Can You Hear Me Now?

Topic 2 – Communication So you found yourself a man, a woman, a tranny (we love em around these parts) or cattle (Really? No.) but now that you have fallen head over… …more