Can You Hear Me Now?

Doesn't work if the other persons is a "Deaf-o"

Topic 2 – Communication

So you found yourself a man, a woman, a tranny (we love em around these parts) or cattle (Really? No.) but now that you have fallen head over heels and all that comes with it – to keep it strong you have to communicate openly about almost anything and everything. Last time, we talked about communicating effectively and yeah it is something most people are aware of but still – is anyone actually paying attention? The truth is that sometimes we begin to assume that the other person is going to be able to pick up on the way we might be feeling whether it be joyous or sad. That’s all great, if you are seeing a psychic (in which case, I’d like a reading please!) but in most cases between the everyday routines, its better to rely on communicating about your thoughts or issues rather than stew and hope that the other person picks up on it. I should know – True Story – I routinely stew over mini issues wondering when lover will clue into why I am ticked off but it never happens and then the whole kerfuffle follows of the argument, the blame game, the conciliation. Sounds monotonous? That’s because it is so the case. I have learnt it more so this year, that speaking up about something that bothers you, or you wonder about or have an opinion about isn’t grounds for an argument. In fact, a partner with an ounce of sense will be better off knowing that not. So key thing to learn? Dont shut your loud mouth, just yet …

except for her .. close that gate Honey!


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