Through the Petals

One of the reasons why the long weekend was particularly relaxing was because I got to do something creative. On Monday I set the day aside and did a little painting.

It all started a couple days before when Cory gave me a disc of photographs. It was just of an excursion we took with Nel in August. It was mostly of us fooling around and having fun while roaming around Toronto and particularly Casa Loma. Being the photographer that he is, Cory also took some beautiful shots of the scenery and the gardens. There was one picture that really caught my eye.

For some reason it inspired me. As soon as I saw it I said to him I was going to paint this. It is not just that the shot is beautiful but there is something about how the petals are layered and intertwined that caught my eye. The colours are also so bright and so vibrant that it just awoke some creative energy.

The next day I went and bought some pencil crayons. I needed them to do a sketch, just to plan out what I was going to do on a canvas. And this is what I came up with.

I knew that drawing this in pencil wasn’t going to do it justice. I haven’t coloured in years. It was incredibly rejuvenating using the medium; it made me crazy giddy. I immediately went to the nearest art store and picked up a canvas.

On Monday I took my time. I sat and drew my lines and shapes just how I wanted. Took a break and had something to eat, I didn’t want something foolish like hunger to interrupt my creative process. When I got back to it I didn’t stop for about 6 hours. It was great. This was the final product.

Through the Petals, acrylic on canvas, 12"x36"

I am horrible at critiquing my own work, I automatically think everything I do is garbage. I have to walk away from it, letting it get out of my mind, and then I can look at it properly. I actually almost scrapped it. I went to sleep that night and when I woke up feeling refreshed I really liked it. It went through a couple of changes on the way to the canvas. It is a bit abstract and the colours are deeper but it works.

It is very different from most of my other work. There is something fluid about it and the absence of black is easily noticed. Cory also finds there is a good depth to it which I didn’t notice until he mentioned it. I guess it has to do with the combination of textured and smooth areas and the hint of green.

Anyways, I just wanted to share. I hope you like it.


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