Ahhh….ya know Part 2

And so it continues…

I got a rabbit. It is not the most usual of pets but it was sort of thrust upon me. I have been wanting to get a pet for a while, a dog really (I had been hemming and hawing about that for a good year), and I just hadn’t done it. A friend of a friend was giving away a rabbit and I was suggested as the owner. I wasn’t sure about the whole thing but as soon as he got into my home I knew he wasn’t going anywhere.

His name is Mark Fluffalo. I didn’t name him, my brother did and he insists he looks like Mark Ruffalo. What do you think?

I don’t see it. The uncontrolled mane maybe?

There was Nuit Blanche. I did it but not that much of it. I went with a friend to the stuff at TIFF Bell Lightbox. Partook in a movie karaoke sing-a-long that was pretty fun. They also had this mashed-up pseudo biographical film about Vincent Price that was weird, funny, and surprisingly poignant. Then we wondered the streets a bit. Was part of an exhibit where you play a video game. It is part charades part shadow puppets and all making an ass of yourself. It was fun. Here are some pics of other things that we saw.

This is the thing I got after playing the game.

Palm Trees on Cherry Pickers: This was simply surreal.

Cardboard box robots: Graffiti artists took old cardboard boxes and made them into robot-like forms

They had a DJ spinning and at some point there were breakdancers but I missed that part.

The big ones were massive about 15 feet tall and these smaller ones were around 4 feet.

Beachball world: An outdoor area was set up using globe beach balls. That may not sound particularly interesting but at 4am with the lights and sounds it is pretty cool.

I did not do a walk through, cuz at 4am there was a massive lineup.

Rainbow Laser: They shot lasers across the city from the CN Tower…

…to Chinatown. I found the end point but that wasn’t a particularly interesting picture, so you get dragons instead.

Clothes wall: Not sure what was going on here as this is as close as I got but that whole thing was made of clothes and the doorway led into an alley. I don’t know if there was anything inside.

Lion: This wasn’t part of anything, it is always there, I just liked the way it looked.

That was all the Nuit Blanche pictures. But I snapped some shots on the way home and I have to say my camera takes some awesome night shots.

A tree in its fall colours.

A subway entrance

The view from a bridge.

Go to commercial. COMMERCIAL!


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