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That is what I have been up to. Nothing overly exciting or extravagant or mind blowing. The last few weeks have been me getting on with things and just doing stuff.

In all the time since I last posted I only did my nails once. I am very disappointed in myself about that especially since my polish collection is still growing. The only reason I did do them was to look my best for a wedding. I was wearing a black dress (this may seem strange but knowing the bride and seeing her invitations you wouldn’t think so) and I wanted something that popped. This is what I came up with.

Despite the fact that my hand looks like the claw from a ravenous animal in this pic, I think it turned out pretty well. Not overly extravagant but still a lot of fun. My mother didn’t like them however. She said they looked like “jumbee” (jumbie?) nails; a bit too dark, unsettling with the choice of colours. I kinda understand where she is coming from but must admit I disagree and also with the wedding I was going to it fit in perfectly. I did get a few compliments so I am ok with it. I do want to say I wasn’t the only one to do some fancy nail work for the wedding. The sister of the groom had some wicked nails. It was 3D nail art so something I would never do but it was much classier than many examples of this nail trend. It was a high shine black polish with rhinestones and bows. I personally complimented her and no, she did not do it herself. So I will take that as a win. W00T!

Anyways, object is the guest favour. A small bottle of strawberry jam with the couple’s initials, date of wedding, and a tag that says, “Spread the Love.” Even I thought that was a really cute touch.

This look required 4 polishes, tape, and a bit of patience.

Base Coat – Rimmel Lasting finish Pro Base/Top

Charcoal – Zoya Pixie Dust “Dahlia”

Green – LA Girl Brites GNL469 “Kryptonite”

Red-ish – Disco Brites NL82 “Disco Inferno”

With the Pixie Dust polishes there is no top coat required.

After the wedding I was feeling a little down. It was a small wedding (there were only about 50 attendees) but I was the only single person there. I felt really awkward most of the time as I had no one to sit with and I just felt lost in the shuffle. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, that is just how it turned out. Because of this I made a playlist called “Sad Sac” fillled with lonely people songs. Here is a sample:

God! I love this song! It is good for good and bad moods.

I really need to get my shit together. Wow, that turned real quick.

Ok this is getting a bit long so I am gonna break up the post.


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