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Nails and Stuff

I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I wrote any Nailed it! posts. That is so, so wrong. Good news though, I have still been slapping on the polish making sure the finger and toes (mostly toes) look good. I have to say they have been looking mighty fine. I’ve been using……read more

Summer in the city

Just about 2 months ago I lost my job. It was a slap in the face and left me shocked and distressed for a little while. I sat at home watching tv, movies, and writing reviews trying to ignore it. While sitting at my desk looking for new employment this is the view that… …more

Bright little piggies

This weekend marks the official beginning of summer. That means shorts, tanks, skirts and most importantly sandals. That also means I have to step up my pedicure awesomeness. Sandal weather started a few weeks ago so I have managed to do 2 new looks so far. They are both very bright graphic designs. I often……read more

Purple Valentine

I haven’t been doing my nails much this year. It is a combination of lack of time and tired/laziness. My polish collection is still steadily getting larger (thanks Julep) but I have not been putting them to good use. This week I put an end to that. Had a perusal of my plethora of… …more

Ahhh….ya know

Stuff. That is what I have been up to. Nothing overly exciting or extravagant or mind blowing. The last few weeks have been me getting on with things and just doing stuff. In all the time since I last posted I only did my nails once. I am very disappointed in myself about… …more

Haven’t Done this in a while

I have not done my nails in 2 months…2! Can you believe that? They have been free to breath, soak up some sunshine, and simply be well. I had to put an end to that when I got my Julep box this month. That had 2 new polishes in it to add to my 4……read more

Just another day

What is it about birthdays that make me kind of panic? They are just like every other day. Wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner got to sleep. But today is my birthday and that somehow makes it different. This is what the view looked like last night. …more

Complaining and More

There is something wrong with me. I am on vacation and I am hating it. I seem to have turned into one of those people that does nothing but bitch and moan about men. Actually about the lack of men in my life. I don’t know I think I am just lonely. I have spent……read more

Kind of Dripping Into Each other

I did my nails this week! Hands and feet in the same style just different colours. It is the first time I tried this and I think it came out pretty good. Let’s start with the hands. …more

Failing Miserably…

…at a lot of things but really posting to this blog. I have no excuses, I just haven’t been doing it. Go ahead, gasp away (stop before you faint) but it won’t change anything. But now I am back, here to enlighten you about my goings on. Hmmm….so what’s been up with me? I… …more