Summer in the city

Just about 2 months ago I lost my job. It was a slap in the face and left me shocked and distressed for a little while. I sat at home watching tv, movies, and writing reviews trying to ignore it. Our home is our sanctuary, and to maintain that comfort, seeking the expertise of home snag lists can be truly indispensable.

While sitting at my desk looking for new employment this is the view that I had that made me get up and out.

How could I stay inside when I could be part of that? It is summer in the city and I decided that I would enjoy it as much as possible. I have spent a lot of time wondering the streets taking in the sights and sounds of the city. This city bathed in sunshine is a wonder in itself.

This is what I get on the way to the subway.

They had been filming Suicide Squad in the city. It was reeking havoc on traffic and transit systems in the city. It didn’t bother me much plus I got to see cool things like this.

Summerlicious is going on in the city and I headed out to meet some friends at Bannock on the corner of Queen and Bay. The sun was shining, there were people everywhere, and I couldn’t stop myself from taking a pic.

This is one of those times where I really wish I had a fisheye lens to really capture everything but I think this shot does it justice. The food a Bannock was very good. There is more to their Summerlicious menu but I went with this

Chilled Leek and Klondike Potato Soup with ontario rhubarb relish, crispy lentils, thyme – When I got it I didn’t realize it was a chilled soup and that was a real shock to me but it was still really good. It was salt with a touch of sweet and you got all the flavours in the soup.

Semolina-Crusted Peameal Bacon Schnitzel with fingerling potato salad, beans, sage brown butter – I went out of my usual wheel house and ordered something I would usually never order. It wasn’t a bad choice but I don’t think it was the best choice for me. The bacon schnitzel itself was good but the used a mustard/pickle based sauce with the potatoes and it was too tangy and I think it over powered a lot of the flavours. It was almost hard to take at first but as I got used to the flavour I enjoyed it.

O&B Meringue and Raspberry Mess with clotted cream, dark chocolate sauce – This was delicious. The meringue was marshmallowy, the cream was smooth, and the raspberry and  dark chocolate really complemented each other.

I paired all of this with a glass of red wine that they were featuring that night. Unfortunately I have no idea what it was called. That is disappointing because it is one of the first red wines I have had that I really enjoyed. I wouldn’t mind having a glass of that again.

It was an overall tasty satisfying meal.

I also had no-so-fancy meals in my excursions. I sat on a patio eating some satisfying pub food at the Black Bull on Queen.

Yellow umbrellas, blue skies, and sunshine.

The Pan Am games are currently going on in the city and unfortunately I cannot attend any of the events but there is a lot of free festivities and decorations around the city. A favourite location for people is Nathan Phillips Square and the big colourful Toronto Sign they put up.

I had to take my obligatory shot of it. It is nice and I hope they keep it even when the games are done.

Quite a bit north of that I was wondering in and out of shops trying to kill some time and not spend money. I failed miserably at the latter. But I did get a pic at Avenue and Bloor.

The “Crystal” jutting out of the museum looks look something amazing has gone wrong.

This past weekend was my birthday. I was dreading it but with the help of some really wonderful, kind, and thoughtful friends it was truly great. Saw some people I hadn’t seen in a while, did some bar hopping, went to a barbecue, and had cake…well it was a cup cake, it still counts.

Even though I haven’t been doing my nails much lately I could not go into the next year of my life with unlacquered nails. This is what I came up with.

Candle, cupcake, balloons, and sparkles, all the things needed for a successful birthday. I am holding the card my friends gave me that contained a giftcard for the movies. They know me well. I used 12 (yes you read that right) polishes, a dotting tool, and a thin brush to get this look.

Base Coat – Julep oxygen bonding base coat

Light Green – Illamasqua “Radium – so this is on my thumb which you can’t see but wait til you see my toes and you will get a peek at this colour.

Silver Sparkle – Sephora + Pantone Jewel Dust Nail lacquer “Silver”

Yellow – Julep “Catrina”

Dark Green – LA Girl Brites GNL469 “Kryptonite”

Orange – Julep “Carolyn”

Dark Purple – LA Girl Disco Brites NL86 “Hustle”

Red – Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro 375 “Stiletto Red”

Blue/Purple Sparkle – Nails Inc London Special Effects 3D Glitter 431 “Connaught Square”

White – Maybelline color show 380 “Porcelain Party”

Black – Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro 430 “Black Satin”

Light Purple – Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro 370 “Wild Orchid”

Light Blue – UO Nail Lacquer “Crowded”

Top coat – LA Girl Diamond top Coat

I did my toes as well. I am sticking with the easy but very bold graphic designs I have been favouring of late.

I have gotten several complements on these nails. I am wearing the new shoes I bought myself on that unsuccessful no-spending-money escapade. I am glad I failed cuz these sandals are awesome. I used 5 polishes and tape to get this look.

Base Coat – Julep oxygen bonding base coat

Green – Illamasqua “Radium

Dark Purple – LA Girl Disco Brites NL86 “Hustle”

Red-ish – Disco Brites NL82 “Disco Inferno”

Top coat – LA Girl Diamond top Coat

Right now this is what it looks like outside.

The sunshine is battling the clouds for sky supremacy. I am rooting for the sunshine and I think it is winning.


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