Haven’t Done this in a while

I have not done my nails in 2 months…2! Can you believe that? They have been free to breath, soak up some sunshine, and simply be well. I had to put an end to that when I got my Julep box this month. That had 2 new polishes in it to add to my 4 other polishes that I got before that I still haven’t used. Sacrilege I say, SACRILEGE! Since I am a bit out of practice I thought I should do something simple and clean.

As you can see it is a more mature, elegant look than usual but still different enough for people to comment when noticed. I am calling it a reverse French Manicure with an accent nail. My accent nail is usually my middle or ring finger but I think this look works best with it being on the end. This is the kind of look that would work with just about any colour set but I find these 2 colours worked exceptionally well together.

I am not holding a mere object in this image, I am holding a train! Duh duh DUUUUUUUUUUH! Well I am holding a pole which is attached to the cieling and chair in a train. That totally counts, right? This shot was taken at around 11pm on Tuesday as I was on my way home from a night of playing board games. The girls won at Trivial Pursuit, I was an outlaw and was gunned down playing Bang!, and I was assasinated in Coup. It was a good night. There was a guy off to my right giving me weird looks as I suppose he was trying to figure out what I was doing. He must have thought I was drunk or crazy as I kept positioning my hand in different ways.

Anyways, to get this look I used 3 polishes and some tape. If you have a steady hand you don’t even need the tape.

Base/Top Coat – Rimmel Lasting finish Pro Base/Top

Burgundy – Julep “Mary-Lee” – This is actually a satin finish that I added shine to with the top coat

Gray/Blue – Julep “Erin” – In the bottle or on its own this looks a lot grayer but with the added colour it seems bluish. It works either way.

Well that’s it.


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