Bright little piggies

This weekend marks the official beginning of summer. That means shorts, tanks, skirts and most importantly sandals. That also means I have to step up my pedicure awesomeness. Sandal weather started a few weeks ago so I have managed to do 2 new looks so far. They are both very bright graphic designs. I often catch people having a look at them when I am about town so I must be doing something right.

The first look I did I got to wear on my first sandal-ed day. The grass had finally started to get some colour and my ankles were bare.

That is the best shot I have of it, I know, it is a bit far away. If you can’t tell, I did opposite looks on each foot using the same colours. One foot the big toes has a pink base, white vee, and blue on top with an accent toe of blue and the rest pink. Flip all those colours on the other foot except for the white vee. It was a simple free hand look that pops. I used 5 polishes to get this look.

Base coat – Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat

Blue – Julep “Danielle”

Pink – Julep “Randi”

White – L’Oreal Steel Colour 910 “Seeing Spots”

Top Coat - Rimmel Lasting finish Pro Base/Top Coat

The next look took a little more effort. I wanted straight, clean, narrow lines so I had to use tape and patience to get it right. I think it can out pretty nice and it definitely pops.

I was kicking back watching True Lies when I took this pic. GREAT action movie; Arnold’s last really good one. Maybe he will change that sentiment with the upcoming Terminator Genisys (I am a bad speller and that even drives me crazy. Still hope its good!) It took 5 polishes to get this look.

Base Coat – L.A. Girl Nail Strengthener

Green – LA Girl Brites GNL469 “Kryptonite”

Yellow – LA Girl Disco Brites NL72 “Psychedelic”

White – L’Oreal Steel Colour 910 “Seeing Spots”

Top Coat – LA Girl NT1 Diamond Top Coat

That’s it so far.


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