Push the Button – Don’t push the Button

As I was driving in this morning I was listening to talk radio – they were discussing the priest (I don’t even want to mention his name) in Florida who, on the anniversary of 9/11, has decided to burn not only one, but as many copies of the Qur’an  that have been sent in. Everyone has come out and spoken against it for various reasons, like it will endanger the U.S military personnel in Afghanistan, it will offend the Muslims not to mention how outrageous it is to burn a Holy book in the first place and I couldn’t agree more on all points. Even though I am all for everyone having the right to express themselves I draw the line when it comes to the point where others are going to be hurt. I can’t believe he does not understand there will be repercussions that will follow in it’s wake. Will the burning of a Holy book put a stop to any religious extremists’? NO. All that’s happening is going from one extremist to the next.

I wonder about his motive and the intent to “rid the world” of it’s “evil” text,  If anyone wanted to rid the world of evil it certainly would take more than burning a Holy book no matter from what religion.  He is shooting a loaded gun on the world stage and we are going to have to deal with the fall out.  Could he be so vain to think that this is his way to get written into history? His one chance at his fifteen minutes of fame? Perhaps – after all this has to have taken some sort of planning, the media didn’t just happen upon it … I can only hope against the odds that the world is smart enough to know that he does not speak for humanity – or even for American’s – for the most part although I would be naive to think that there are not a few people who agree with him.

With everyone watching – whether you’re religious or not – This Saturday September 11th ,everyone say a prayer and hope that we’re all still here on Sunday.


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