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Am I Alone

I just wanted to ask a HUGE question. Here goes. Am I alone in seeing, hearing, dealing with Stupid people? I am not speaking of anyone associated within just incase anyone should question and I am not going to name names for the sake of privacy. I was just curious. I deal with… …more

Look at me i’m an administrator

Good day everyone, I am a learned individual and today I learned how to post ALL BY MYSELF!! More to come so stay tuned.   Cory… …more

Health Care

Living in Canada I have had access to free heath care for most of my life. I may not use it often, I don’t like doctors, but it is always comforting to know it is there when I do need it. This is why this whole heath care issue in the States seems so strange……read more

It can save your marriage

So I was going to write a post about the current Ikea commercial campaign. You know the ones where the people are happy in their, so called, domestic bliss and the narrator (is it David Hyde Pierce? If its not, the guy sure sounds like him) talks about how their life would be ruined if……read more

Not Right

Yesterday was an odd kind of day. It went in order, the sun rose and set, but there were just things thrown in there that through it off a bit. First I woke up under my own volition, in the morning. I am not a morning person, well I am not a whenever-I-wakeup person… …more


I have been home for a few months now and the novelty of not working wore off a long time ago. Yes it is nice to not have to get up every morning, rush around, fight traffic, and follow orders but damn is it boring. It also sucks being broke. I have all this time……read more

Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, Red

I am not a huge sports fan. I prefer to play than watch. I used to be on a team which made it a natural step to watch the games as well. I was into basketball and baseball but strikes, scandals, and continuous loses ruined the sports for me. Every once in a while I……read more

X equals what?

As I have mentioned before I recently picked up a calculus book I had lying around. There are few people (except for mathematicians I guess) that would have a brick of a book on “Calculus and Analytic Geometry” sitting on a shelf between a jewellery book and a Zadie Smith novel but I do. In……read more

Minus 2

This morning as usual I got up, turned on the radio and listened to the entertaining prattle that is morning radio. It is a mix of talk, music and general nonsense that I find I enjoy. That is usually the only time of day I listen to the radio because there is no need to……read more

Stuff Online

Very creative title. Today I bring to you another post of interesting sites. This is because I spent most of yesterday staring at a blank screen trying to come up with something to write about. For the life of me the ability to put something into words was just not happening. I sat for about……read more