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I love Gnarls Barkley. Their sound is unique, vibrant, and an excellent alternative to the mainstream. “The Odd Couple” and “St. Elsewhere” are still on regular rotation on my play list but they haven’t released anything new since 2008.

I found out this morning, via Pajiba, that Cee Lo Green, one half of the duo, is coming out with a solo album on Dec 7. I am really looking forward to it. He has released his first single on Youtube with a very simple but awesome video. The song is called “F**k You” and that explains why you may not hear it on many radio stations. It is a soulful little song with a great beat and clear concise message. It isn’t for the ears or eyes of little ones and if you are at work I wouldn’t blast this if I were you. Here’s the video.

It has made my morning. I can’t wait for the album to drop.


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Love, love, love this song. I heard it super randomly ON the radio but only the tail end. God bless Google because I searched for the lyrics and the song popped up. YAAAAAA !


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