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Renowned designer Emanuel Ungaro and Breakout Indian Glam Designer Manish Arora have designed individual colour palettes for Mac. There are some beautiful colours. There’s an eye shadow palette from Manish boasts the fiercest, brighter than bright colours that can instantly make your peepers the envy of all the other b*tches around your block. And Ungaro’s sophisticated Lip colour in Freckletone is the most glowy nude lip colour you can find this side of North America (Unless, Chanel’s gold bliss is more your take, which at $29.00 is ehmm.. a commitment colour – as in you better wear it day and night!)

Calvin Klein Underwear I think is underrated as the undies that, at one point in time, only peeped over the waistband of Mark Wahlberg’s Jeans. They have a new cashmere-cotton blend tee (well they are undershirts but you can wear it as a tee) that is guaranteed to please you and your lover like no other! Sorry I shouldn’t rhyme, I really shouldn’t, CK made me do it!

Solange Knowles. If you haven’t heard her singles, you better get with it! Both “I Decided” and “Sandcastle Disco” have an infectious beat and fun lyrics. It is definitely a change from the Pussycat Dolls (I love you dolls, call me when I am working out!) and the Hannah Montanas (vomit) of the world.

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