It is a gloriously gloomy day outside today. The sky is overcast, the sun’s light cannot penetrate the thick layer of clouds creating this dim even glow…

Fine, I won’t ignore it. I’ve been busy, what else do you want me to say? I wasn’t kidnapped by aliens. I wasn’t drafted into a secret army. I didn’t even get sucked into a parallel dimension where I did keep my blog up to date. I have just been doing stuff. You know working and movie watching and making stuff and whatnot.

I actually did start writing a post in the middle of April that I tried to finish on and off for a couple of weeks and then it just fell to the waist side. It is horrible of me. It started with me talking about crazy weather, watching classic cartoons, reading a post on why is nope movie rated r, then into the reviews for Hanna and Your Highness but I only got halfway through Hanna and that was that. Just sitting waiting to be finished and shared with the world. But that never happened.

Here’s what I had so far:

Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) has lived in seclusion with her father Erik (Eric Banna) her whole life. He has trained her intensely to become the perfect assassin; she is swift, brutal and deadly. At sixteen she wants to see the world outside the frigid wilderness she has known her whole life. Her father gives her a way out with a mission. She has to find and kill Marissa (Cate Blanchet), an intelligence agent; the mysterious unrelenting woman who holds the key to her existence.

I like this movie a lot. Right from the start it is moody and intense with the juxtaposition of fast paced almost frenzied violence and slow reflective quiet moments. The look of the movie is muted for the first act; very cold with grays, washed out blues, and blinding whites. In the second act sudden vibrant colours are interjected into the film helping to emphasize emotions and happenings. The cinematography is beautiful whether it be a frozen barren landscape, lush green woods, or the urban sprawl; each environment was captured perfectly.

The score of the film plays a key role in its overall feel. The Chemical Brothers do an excellent job evoking the melancholy of a lonely soul, the wide-eyed-ness of experiencing something new, the heartbreak of loss, and the crescendo into violence.

container park by The Chemical Brothers by Hannamovie

That was it. What else was left to say? The acting was good. Cate Blanchet’s throws on a southern drawl on her icy cruel portrayal that makes her seem even meaner than she already is. Eric Bana is alright, he doesn’t do anything spectacular but there is nothing to complain about. And Saoirse Ronan is great. She is very intense in the movie; moving with ease between vulnerable child and efficient killer.

It’s a good movie. I don’t know if it is still in theatres but if it is go see it. If not rent it or whatever it is you do to see movies that aren’t on tv yet.

Now, I am not getting into an in depth review of Your Highness, it is simply a stoner movie set in the time of castles and quests. It is amusing. You will laugh. You will feel shame for laughing just because of how ridiculous the movie is. But it isn’t done badly which is good. But also it could have been done better which is the bad thing. It is a see it if you want kind of thing.

There were a couple of weeks in there when I didn’t see anything but the last 2 weeks I did see movies that I really enjoyed.

The first comic book movie of the season has been released. Thor brings us a movie closer to the epicness that will be The Avengers. In this movie we are introduced to the god of thunder (Chris Hemsworth). He is stubborn, arrogant, and likes to fight. But still he is loyal to his father, the mighty Odin (Anthony Hopkins), even though he can sometimes get out of line. But one day he goes too far. He is cast out from his home, the kingdom of Asgard, to be humbled. There he is mortal, vulnerable, and fights his greatest battle.

I have to say I was surprised at how much i liked this movie. When images were released of clumsy costumes and lame sets coupled with odd casting choices and an unexpected director it didn’t seem that the film would turn out well. But after all the effects were added, people were put into context, and all the words were said it wasn’t bad at all.

I think the thing that made the movie fun was that it didn’t take itself to seriously. Because everything was so big and outlandish the performances were big and outlandish, but not ridiculous, balancing the whole film. Even the fight scenes were out there. Battling ice giants, metal monstrosities and sorcerers.

Chris Hemsworth played a worthy Thor. His voice is deep and boom and managed to keep a straight, serious face when saying things like “This mortal form grows weak. I require sustenance!” and cuz of this:

Anthony Hopkins was a true and noble Odin. Tom Hiddleston was smarmy and sly as Loki. Everyone else was needed but wasted in the film. Natalie Portman played her role adequately but really just made a bunch of faces. There was a whole controversy over Idris Elba as Heimdall but he was barely in it. When he was though it was cool. Plus he got to fight some people in the end. Clark Gregg got more screen time than in the last 2 Ironman movies which was good, his portrayal of Agent Coulson is always entertaining. Renee Russo was in there – I was happy to see her. And Stellan Skarsgard, Kate Denning (she had some good lines), Colm Feore just to name a few.

This is totally worth seeing on the big screen. I don’t think you have to see it in 3D, I can’t even remember is I did so that lets you know how much of an impact that makes.

Lastly, this past weekend I saw Bridesmaids.

Another movie about women getting ready for a wedding. The bride picks her best friend as the maid of honor but another friend is jealous; the rest of the bridesmaids are an eclectic group; nothing goes according to plan.

Usually this isn’t the type of movie I would pay to see. I would ignore it for years and then one lazy Sunday afternoon when there is absolutely nothing else showing I would put it on, flip through a magazine or two, chuckle at it every once in a while, then when it is over immediately forget about it and find something else to watch. But with a cast headed by Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph supported by the girl from “The Office” (Ellie Kemper), the chick from “Reno 911” (Wendi McLendon-Covey), the guy from “The IT Crowd” (Chris O’Dowd),  the chap from “”Little Britain” (Matt Lucas), and Jon Hamm I was all over seeing it. And I am glad I did.

Even though the story has been done to death at least with this it is done well. It is well written, realistic, and thoroughly entertaining. Did I mention hilarious? From the opening scene you will find yourself laughing. Well if you are female you will find yourself laughing from the start, the movie does begin with some serious chick humour, but about 15-20 minutes in the guys will start having a blast with it.

The story is somewhat realistic, sure some reactions are a little exaggerated but the situation itself is believable and understandable. One of the best things about the movie is the ending. Everything wasn’t magically wrapped up in a nice neat package. The important things were resolved but the issues that take time to fix were left to be fixed.

Bridesmaids was really good and I think you should definitely go check it out. And there is a little tidbit in the credits to look out for.

Well there you go. I hope the next time I write it is not in a month. It may be so cuz I am going to the ballet on Sunday. I will definitely have to share my cultural expeience with you. And I should be seeing Legion Priest this weekend which should be quite entertaining.



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Ah very good – a post I actualy ready through entirely and didn’t want to up chuck by the end! BRAVO!

It's Mjölnir Can't U read?

Thor is definitely my favourite movie from the Marvel universe. Anthony Hopkins was great as usual, while Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth were great supporting actors. It is a Marvel movie so everyone else was one dimensional except for the leading role: The Mjölnir. Not since the ring of power has an inanimate object (does flying count as animate?) put in such a moving performance on the big screen. It has presence, charisma, loyalty and an epic final battle in which The Mjölnir subdues Loki alone only to be called away to help his sidekick Thor rescue a planet.
The misnamed Thor movie is a really good coming of age movie about total tool.


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