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I stopped truly caring about the Oscars years ago. Yeah I was still (sort of) interested in who won what but I usually find out the next morning instead of watching the extremely long ceremony. The academy rarely nominates the movies that I care about or the ones they do (especially the winners) rarely seem deserving. This year I had even less interest in the show. I saw none of the best picture nominees (9? why 9?) and only a few of the nominated films in the other categories. Except for Bridesmaids the films that I saw that I wanted to win, did (Bret McKenzie totally deserved to win for his song in The Muppets and for short animation I adored The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore).

Even with all my complaining I did manage to watch almost all of the Oscars this year (“Walking Dead” takes priority and a bit of flipping to “Comic Book Men”). It was surprisingly succinct but still managed to be over 3 hours long. It had the usual opening montage, Billy Crystal with his song and dance,  a beautifully done In Memoriam, and people being very happy holding onto a gold-guilded naked guy. The only performance they had during the show was an act by Cirque Du Soleil, which was fantastic. I was disappointed that they didn’t do the best song and best score performances because those are usually really wonderful.

And before the show there was the extremely long runway show aka the red carpet that was on for 3, yes 3, hours this year. There were some lovely looks including:

Jessica Chastain in McQueen

Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford

Penelope Cruz in Giorgio Armani

Glenn Close in Zac Posen

And there weren’t any really bad looks but there were looks that were a bit questionable like

Rooney Mara’s boob flaps in Givenchy

Another boob problem for Viola Davis in Stella McCartney

And this mess of “ruffles” by Louis Vuitton that Michelle Williams wore

Anyways, you’ve probably seen tons of that stuff over the last couple of days. But here is something that I did miss that I wish I didn’t. It was late and not everyone is into Jimmy Kimmel but when this excerpt from the show popped up I had to have a look.


And here is something else fun that I came across

This had me laughing at my desk this morning. How are people supposed to believe I am working if I am having such a good time?

And speaking of superheros have you seen this yet?

Looks so good. The other trailers were ok but didn’t get me hyped, this has done it. Why isn’t it May 4th yet?


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I’m not one to comment on fashion usually but that Daly Show put me in a great mood.

Alexander McQueen – Great dress but i’m sure i saw it on a character in Assassin’s Creed.

Tadashi Shoji – OMG. Every woman with Octavia Spencer’s body type and colour should have one of these dresses. None of them should have that purse.

Tom Ford – Nice and well accessorized. I really like this look.

Giorgio Armani – Emo Bridesmaid Dress.

Zac Posen – That looks difficult to walk in.

Givenchy – That dress is a couple sizes too big for Rooney Mara. (Redacted boob flapping juke)

Stella McCartney – This dress so ugly. The dress is not Spandex, but it looks like it. Viola Davis isn’t hiding her shoes with a shawl, but it looks like it. That dress isn’t cheap, but it looks like it.

Louis Vuitton – Louis Vuitton made an ugly dress, no surprise there. I do think that this looks like Michelle Williams is wearing the drapes. The ugly drapes.

So after being teased at since HULK, the Avengers movie is almost here. I actually think that this movie will be good fun. I guess i’m also kinda excited about may the fourth …..bewithyou.


Being in a good mood makes you comment on fashion? Interesting.

Did you watch any more of “The Daly Show”? I gotta say episode 3 “The Daly Chocolate” is really good. I gotta try that trick at the end.


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