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A lot of Vs. action happening on the site today- apparently we are a 90s movie!! But back to the scheduled programming. There has been a lot of fervent discussion as of late about France’s President Sarkozy who backs the decision on banning veils and hijabs (traditional headscarves worn by some muslim women) in the country. While a lot of people are under the belief that a hijab or a headscarve immediately has negative implications on the stature of women, there is voracious debate for the opposing argument – that it is in fact part of a culture and religion for many muslim women. It does not always stand for the oppression of women and that in fact the banning of hijabs and burqas (full coverage veils) isn’t the answer since it takes away the choice. (Islam condones modesty in clothing for MEN and women and for their to be choice for either gender) As such, it is refreshing to see French couture label Givenchy’s fall 2009 collection which ¬†showcased pieces inspired from the Middle Eastern culture highlighting the beauty in a part of clothing that has negative connotations to moderately aware and in part ignorant western populace. It also sparks a new discussion about whether Givenchy is going to let anyone tell them to what is hot. About time, we had a resurgence of some rebellion break out fashion (outside of turbans and harem pants!)

Designer Abayas (Robes) being produced by fashion houses

One of the stronger pieces that has been flashed around the world.

One of the stronger pieces that has been flashed around the world.

Givenchy Haute Show
Givenchy Haute Show

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Full Disclosure – I have had many arguments with lover about the subject of veils and may be in part this is an answer to that and also because I have a mixed background and am involved in fashion.

PPS : In case you were thinking about that movie I mentioned above – I was thinking Roe Vs. Wade – and you?

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