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I’d watch that

The 80s painted a strange, violent, wonderful, dark, and intense future. Sadly/gladly most of that did not come true. I must admit it would have been cool to be able to look around corners in pictures, build strange vehicles out of anything that was available, and live high above vast cities. It would have… …more

5 Movies

Over the last little while I have managed to see quite a few movies but I haven’t had the time to review all of them. Work has picked up and on the weekend, with the wonderful weather that Toronto has been having, I did not want to stay inside. Since it is raining this afternoon……read more

Who throws a horse?

Apparently vampires do. Last night I had the stupendous privilage of seeing Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and I know many people out there would like to believe that it is simply ridiculous. But the reality is it is ridiculously awesome. …more

Knowledge can mean Death

This weekend I made it to the theatre to see Prometheus. I was not able to see the midnight showing I was hoping for I knew the next day it would be almost impossible not to hear something about the movie. And I was not wrong about that. Everywhere I turned there was a mention……read more

Retro Review

The year was 1996. A large group of grade 10 students sat in an otherwise empty movie theatre. They were giddy, excited at being out of school in a cinema instead of a classroom. This was the reward given at the end of a couple of months reading¬†Shakespeare. All the thou-ing this, doth-ing that… …more

What’s been happening

Nothing particularly exciting actually. My life has gotten somewhat lame as I live vicariously through the stories that others tell me. Everything I have been doing has been quite…¬†sedentary. I may be turning into dust. Anyways, where should I start? Books is a good a place as any. I have to say I have… …more

And I’m Full

I know I haven’t really written in a while but that wasn’t because I didn’t want to, it was because of disappointment and boredom. Sure I could have written about comicon – I didn’t originally plan on going but I did cuz I had nothing else to do – and I could have taken… …more

More Vids

So I know I haven’t been doing a whole lot of actual writing, simply dropping some fun vids for you but hopefully later this week that will change. Actually I think I am being a bit ambitious with that statement it will probably be next week. Until then I have some more videos that I……read more

You are not Gods

A co-worker of mine passed on this very cool music video that I thought I should pass on to you. It was done by a friend of his who definitely deserves some props. They are family. Awwwww. While watching the video I was reminded of Ren & Stimpy and that apparently… …more

I sorta still care

I stopped truly caring about the Oscars years ago. Yeah I was still (sort of) interested in who won what but I usually find out the next morning instead of watching the extremely long ceremony. The academy rarely nominates the movies that I care about or the ones they do (especially the winners) rarely seem……read more