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Not Again

I was going to try and write a Valentines’s Day post but time ran out and I never finished. Plus I wasn’t sure where I was going when I started: It is here again. That day that single people despise, husbands forget, and lovers indulge. I am pessimistic about love most of the… …more


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and everything in between. It’s been a while since the last time I wrote anything. I really didn’t mean for the last post of the year to be about writer’s block and a really bad movie, it just kinda happened that way. Writer’s block will do that to you… …more

Call me Crazy

Being a receptionist is not an easy task, although many people like to think it is, they only answer the phone, they only sit on their ass’ all day well I’ll tell you this – it’s not for everyone because it’s not as easy as we professionals make it look. I can handle all the……read more


No, not “Please sir, can I have some mo.” And not “That isn’t metro, its mo.” More like “What’s that on your lip?” “Its a mo.” Mo as in Mo-stache (Yeah I know it is “technically” spelled wrong but go with me on this). Moustache (spelled right this time) is defined as an unshaven… …more

Not just a day to remember …. But a life

Remembrance Day is around the corner and it’s time once again to listen to these people who in my opinion, have a little to much time on their hands, people who want to change the colour of poppies from Red to white. Their stance is that Red is representative of violence and war while white……read more

Boredom – Blessing or curse?

Is a lack of anything to do a blessing or a curse, I can’t decide. I should say that it isn’t that I don’t have ANYTHING to do just a lack of enthusiasm or initiative to do it.  How many times have you said – I’m bored?  In my life I’ve said it too many……read more

All I want for Halloween

Is a Christmas carol? I can’t believe it – Halloween hasn’t even come and gone and the retail sector is already setting up Christmas if it hasn’t already finished. It  looks like Christmas threw up  all over the front end of the store I work at but that’s not even the worst of it –……read more

Much ado about Nothing

Well it’s been a while since my last post and I’ve been wondering what to write about. It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about the question is how to go about these things. At first I thought about doing a movie review (“Let Me In” – thumbs up) then I thought… …more

Freedom of the press

Last night was the launch of Descants “Writers in Prison” issue and I was invited to be there. I have never been to a launch for anything; EVER, and was very much looking forward to it a few weeks in advance… …more

Web of Fear

Arachnophobia: An abnormal fear of spiders. I’m not sure if I would classify myself as having arachnophobia even though spiders do give me the willies. Let’s just say that I have a healthy respect for them and want them at their distance, if they get to close I don’t run away but I always… …more