Under the Dome: A review

Yesterday I finished reading Stephen King’s novel, “Under the Dome”. This is the first novel I’ve actually finished reading from him in a while – last one being “The Cell”. I generally find his writing either hit or miss with me – this book is reminiscent of his earlier Bachman books, which I did enjoy.

“Under the Dome” at first appears daunting, over 1000 pages, but is engaging from the beginning making you forget the page count.  It’s a tale about corruption, murder, conspiracies, the fight for survival and how long it takes for a sleepy town to got to hell in less than a week after they’re trapped and a religious ego maniac with a sadistic streak is their “savior”.

For those of you who enjoy a “typical” Stephen King novel with all the foul language and explicitly detailed descriptions you’ve come to expect, never fear, there is still plenty to go around.  So the synopsis of the book – well as the title “Under The Dome” suggests it’s a tale about a town that get’s completely cut off from the rest of the US with an invisible dome. Who put it there and why? Is it a government conspiracy, is it God?

Enter ex military man Dale Barbara, Barbie for short, who is just leaving town after a fight with a local Politian’s son, cut to a woman taking a fly lesson who crashes into an invisible barrier, it rain’s plane parts and body parts – a truck rolling into town suddenly smashes into nothing and his truck is totaled leaving the driver bewildered. As what happens in small towns the news spreads like wild fire and the rumor begins that a plain crashed into a truck in some bizarre accident. They will all soon discover the reality of the Dome.

Call in the local police chief who’s at home in his garden – he’s older and has a pacemaker – he arrives at the scene only to discover whatever is causing the dome interferes with electronic devices as his chest explodes.    Kids randomly have prophetic seizures, the man in charge runs a meth lab, food riots, necrophilia and everything in between.

This book will make you turn the pages as you get sucked into the abyss that is Chester’s mills and read helplessly as is spirals down to a “WTF” ending.

Enjoy. I did.


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