Summer’s over pt 4 – FanExpo!

The next weekend was FanExpo! I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to go but I figured out a way to get in for free. I worked the event! I got paid to be at something I wanted to go to and I got to see a lot of cool stuff. Win-win I tells ya! I actually had a lot of fun working the event. I thought it would be hell but it turns out a lot of nerds/geeks, and the parents of the young ones, are very polite and understanding people and they fork out A LOT of money for this event and probably many others.

I was situated at the bottom of the long ramp that goes into the bowels of the south building. It takes 5 mins just to walk down there if no one is around. Imagine the wait in a line 10 people across that goes all the way up a ramp like that. I heard it did go all the way up on Saturday.

This is all I got to see of that line. We still had half hour before the show opened but they brought people down cuz it was causing problems outside. Yeah…let’s just say it was busy. It was crazy hot that weekend too. I don’t think I could have handled being in that line.

The position I was in I got a preview of some of the costumes coming through.

This was the only one I got a chance to get a pic of. Bender and Fry showed up and a couple of us kinda lost it. We didn’t care we were holding up the line we had to get a pic. They did a pretty great job though.

When I wasn’t working I had free access to the show. This is some of what I saw.

There was lots of Lego.

Here are some Avengers

Scooby. They did these like standees. It was cool.

And, of course, Star Wars.

They had a huge display of all the models and minifigs you could get just in the Star Wars Universe. It is crazy all the stuff they had. I cannot buy even one or else I will be in trouble.

Speaking of Star Wars, there were Stormtroopers in there different forms everywhere.

On escalators.

At battle stations.

Patrolling hallways.

They’re back on the escalators!

I even saw Lando himself…from a distance.

There was a Ghostbusters booth where they were showing off proton packs and Ghost traps. They were pretty cool.

There were dinosaurs.


And these 2 that were creepy as hell. They did too good of a job.

This was a great Baymax. The overall movie wasn’t the best but this is a great character.

There were these 2. I get the Chun Li but I have no idea who the other one is supposed to be. I took the pic cuz I thought they looked cool.

I saw a pony.


Cool Aku art.

Comic books.

And people.

There were so many people. The place was just rammed! This is a pic of just one of the floors and there was a constant stream of people moving between the 2….so yeah.

Even though I was broke and trying to make/save money I couldn’t resist buying a little something.

See I held back, I was sort of responsible. And I was lucky cuz 3 out of the 5 things were bought for me. Why? Cuz I am a wonderful person and people want to see me happy………that is what I like to tell myself.

Haven’t read it yet but I am intrigued by it. I have a few of the original 1602 comics and I really liked them but I didn’t read the whole series. It was cool seeing steam punk versions of modern heroes so I was curious as to how they would pull that off with these 4 as most of their story is tech based.

Haven’t read this yet but I was just curious. It looked cool but I don’t know much about Captain Marvel so why not see his demise?

As you know I am a big fan of this series so I had to pick up the latest issue. No I haven’t read it yet but it will happen soon.

Locutus? More like Lo-cuteness! Am I right?! You know I can’t resist and awesome Pop Figure. This company has a lot of my money…

And they were given some more. It is Worf. Only Picard can say no to Worf. He was just doing his job!

To be continued…..



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