Summer’s Over pt3

Along with PanAm came a lot of free shows, activities, and concerts throughout the city. Because of the mass crowds I didn’t try very hard to get to any of these shows. Except 1. The Roots put on a show at Nathan Phillip Square and I just had to be there.

It was a warm night, with a clear sky, and there was a buzz in the air.

The place was packed! They came on stage just after the sun went down.

So happy to say it was a great show. They did at least an hour that was fun and high energy.

My brother got married in August so it was a busy time over all. Family came to town and there was a lot of time taking them about and trying my best to enjoy all of it. I was just so tired for most of the time it became hard to enjoy myself. I am not a pleasant tired person. I did apologize to people several times but they also kept me from sleeping a lot soooo…. I just hope they had a good time.

The wedding was held in the small but lovely St Joan of Arc church. The bride was elegant and the groom pulled himself together, I think that was all due to me lending him some Space Invaders suspenders. The reception was held at the Colette Grand Cafe.

It is a French restaurant in the Bathurst and King W area. It was a beautiful, ideal space for the wedding reception. They put out an incredible buffet with a variety of foods and everything (well everything I had) was fantastic.

I didn’t get a pic before we ate. Way too hungry. Anyways, there was a combination of North American foods, Trini delights (the sous chef is Trini and she was happy to make us some home food), and French Pasteries. I have no idea what there usual menu is but I would gladly head back there to give it a shot.

After the reception there was one last stop on the wedding train. Go-Karting! Yes there was a bunch of well dressed people, pretty dresses, suits, and all, zipping around in karts with helmets on. It was pretty great.

With family from out of town around we of course had to do the obligatory visit to Niagara Falls. We went the day after the wedding and I was dreading the drive. But the drive was easy as the road was surprisingly clear for the weekend and the company in the car was pleasant. When we got there it was warm, the sun was shining, and there was a rainbow over the falls.

We walked along the falls and headed up the hill. My eyes and senses were accosted with glaring tackiness. Flashing lights, gaudy attractions, fast food, and the smell of pure sugar.

But all that makes for some great pics.

Oh a Ferris Wheel!

and oh a midway!

As we headed back to the car the sun began to set. They lit up the falls with colourful lights.

Sadly I had to stay awake to drive back to the city.

To be continued…



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Relationship Goal: Go-Kart with just married on the back.
By the way, I love that picture of people on their iPhones; the one with the Niagra Falls and the rainbow in the background.


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