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I know it is a week late but welcome to 2012. The year where the Mayan calendar ends harolding the end of the world and… other things i suppose. I plan to just do whatever it is I do until whatever it is supposed to happen happens. We will see.

First I would like to apologize for my last post. I was told it was sad. It really wasn’t meant to be, it was supposed to teach a lesson. I re-read it and it is a bit of a downer and that is a sucky way to end a year. But I hope you learned something from it and did remember to enjoy the company of friends and family and have a great holiday.

I had a pretty good holiday. I could complain about being sick for almost a month; having a cough, then getting the flu, then just when I started to feel better the stomach flu, and just when I was getting over that the cold which caused to me to be curled up on a couch in flannel for the beginning of the new year. No complaining from me. I went to a couple of parties which were hella fun. I also hosted my first party in my place. It was a holiday/house warming/cuz I felt like it party. I have to say it went really well. I always stress myself out for these things but the place was clean, food was ready on time, and people showed up. That last thing is really the most important part.

Christmas was good. My brother and i went home to spend time with my mother and the cats. It was awesome for him and I cuz we just watched tv and got fed, I don’t know how much my mother enjoyed that however.

I did get to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. I really liked the first Sherlock Holmes movie but watching this one something was definitely missing.

The movie was a lot like the first with plenty of action and witty repartee but there was something frantic and fractured about it. I wasn’t sure what it was until I re-watched the first movie. It was all in the pacing. The first film took its time taking you step by step through a journey, showing you they way without holding your hand. Where as this movie it was like someone grabbed you by the shirt collar, started running, and dragged you all the way to the end. You still got to see everything but it isn’t as good an experience. The movie isn’t bad, the bromance between Holmes and Watson is definitely still entertaining. Holmes’ brother (Stephen Fry) is introduced and he is spectacular. Holmes’ foe in this one is Moriarty played impeccably, balanced between charming and malicious, by Jared Harris. And the movie has a very cool chase scene through the woods. But still with all of that it just wasn’t right.

Cuz I was curled up on the couch feeling sorry for myself on new years I had to make myself feel a bit better. So I watched the MuchMoreMusic Retro Dance party. It was AWESOME! They played everything from ABBA to the Spice Girls. At points I wanted to argue about what was on, “How could Coolio be considered retro?!” I know its not new but when I noticed “Fantastic Voyage” was released in 1995 I was floored. That is 17 years ago, that is almost a generation. There are people out there who have no idea who Coolio is. I sat there for almost 3 hours singing along songs like “Shoop“, “Everybody“, “Groove is in the Heart“, “Ice Ice Baby“, “U Can’t Touch This“, “Return of the Mack“, the list goes on. Listening to those songs made me feel old and young at the same time. Each song brought me back to a specific place and time, wonderful memories of a (not so) long ago youth.

The first movie I saw this year was Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. I am not a huge Tom Cruise fan but I can’t argue with the fact that he knows how to make a good movie.

Sure it is outlandish and most of the things that happen in it are impossible (please refer to movie title) but it is fun, intense, and full of action. The movie is just flat out entertaining. Its nonstop from beginning to end but without the pesky pacing problem. Simon Pegg wasn’t underused providing a good amount of comic relief creating a great balance to the seriousness of the other characters and situations. Jeremy Renner fills out a suit magnificently, his acting ain’t bad either. And Paula Patton provides some ass kicking eye candy for the boys. And one thing that blew my mind about this was that it was directed by Brad Bird who has only directed animated movies like Ratatouille and The Incredibles. His move from animation to live action is seamless and phenomenal.

Anyways, I am already back at work, doing what I did last year. I do not currently foresee any big changes happening but you never know. I wanna go on a trip, meet new people, and expand my horizons. Hopefully 2012 will be filled with more ups than downs and the world won’t end.


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I’m feeling the Retro Dance party but “Ice Ice Baby” was always a fail. Even Milli Vanilli I can understand but ice ice is failing up your list baby.


Alright stop, collaborate and listen Ice was awesome with his crazy invention. It was off the hook.

If you want i can replace it with this

It only gets better from there.


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