I am awake?

So it’s 12:46 am and I have to wake up in about 6 hours but I am not sleepy at all. I am sitting here being destracted by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as I try to write this. They are showing a bunch of his musical bits. Right now it is The Doors doing “Reading Rainbow”.

I absolutely love it.

Anyways I thought I would try and tire myself out with expending some energy by using my mind. That means I am going to write a post. Please forgive me if I seem more nonsensical than usual. I didn’t sleep much last night either, same problem, so I am running on about 3 hours sleep. I wonder how delirious I am going to be tomorrow.

So what to write about? Well, I know this is coming to you a bit late but I couldn’t not write about it no matter the consequences. Last weekend I went to the 2012 Come Up To My Room (CUTMR) at the Gladstone. This was the 9th year they have had the show but only the second time I have gone. Compared to last year I was better prepared for what was going to be presented to me. I think I enjoyed this years experience a little more than last. That is not because I thought the art was “better” per se but because I got a chance to actually talk to a lot of the artists who explained what was presented. This created a depth to the overall experience.

I am not going to do a breakdown like I did last year but there will still be pictures, lots of pictures. There are uphoarded propane tanks, stained sheets, papered walls; things that react to movement, sound, and heat; technology mobiles, printing machines, and extended skylines; I even took a trip around the world and made a stop on another one. It was all very interesting. I will list them on their room number.

201 – Wendy W Fok

202 – Gareth Bate

204 – UA With R. Eland and T. Nemeskeri

205 – [R]ED[U]X Lab

206 – Vaery Studio

I couldn’t get a picture in there unfortunately.

207 – Merk!

208 – Darklab

209 – Bruno Billo and Sam Mogelonsky

210 – WE-3

212 – Tinsel and Sawdust

214 – Fugitive Glue

Public Spaces

A – Interstice Studio

B – Matt Peddie and Wes Wilson

C – Void Engineering

D – Sonia Tyagi

F – Carolyn Fearman and Robin Porter

G – Matthew Blunderfield and Skanda Lin

H – Aurelia Adams and Matthew Davis

Well there you go. If you want more info on the participants you can go here.

It is now 2:14 am and I am getting tired (that is a good thing) but I am having problems uploading the images. Ugh! I guess I will have to do that later this morning. Why won’t it work? WHY?

Anyways, I should sleep. I have to be in a functional state tomorrow for this thing called “work”. It is all very exciting…

No I didn’t fall asleep yet. Just wasn’t sure where that thought was going. I guess that is it. If you look at this and there are images well then I got everything uploaded, if you see black squares then I didn’t.

Good day.


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Mr Know-it-all

Hi Tra,
i noticed you are having a little trouble uploading images. IMHO it’s because your pictures are too big in both pixel resolution and file size. This page is more than 10MiB of downloading due to your 10 Megapixel pics. Your camera is too sexy for the interwebs.
Better to help than to complain so here is one solution: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/resize-at-upload/
You are welcome …and you are awake.


Yeah…First off the condescending tone is really not necessary. Second it was not an issue with image size, I could not log in to upload the pictures. I know what I am doing but if I can’t get access, I cannot complete the task. So Mr. Know-it-all has to understand what is being discussed before he can pretend to know all about it.


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