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I don’t listen to the radio much any more. There just isn’t a lot there that I want to listen to. Every song is about grinding on some ho, or how depressed some is, or how some guy has more bling than some other guy. Plus the beats are flat, the musical construct is sloppy, and (not taking content into account) they are linguistically lame. Even if there is a song or two I like within the top 40 (more like top 20) format it gets so over played that I get sick of it.

Because of this I rely heavily on my mp3 player, where I always find what I like, and ,if I am looking for something different, recommendations from friends. Due to the fact that my musical tastes are quite eclectic those recommendations don’t always work out. I easily go from rock, to pop, to rap, to dance, to hip hop, big band, and so on. I think the key to the music I like is that it is fun, entertaining, and just something a bit different about it.

Like with film and television, music is an escape, taking you away from the everyday on a journey you won’t soon forget. A good song stays with you, the hook gets stuck in your head, and you find yourself involuntarily humming the tune at random times. A good song has been known the change the way people view the world, saving lives and changing minds. Or it can just make you dance.

Last week a friend at work sent me a link for Passion Pit’s Take a Walk. I had never heard of Passion Pit but he has pretty good taste in music so I had a listen. And I was hooked.

Take A walk

It has the poppy synthesized sound of the 80’s mixed with the melancholy of the 2000’s. Their music is fun, whimsical even.  It just gets stuck in your head. I liked it, a lot, and I had to hear more.

To kingdom Come

The thing is it is not just their music that is whimsical but also their videos. And it made me like them even more.

I’ll Be Alright

I probably should have warned you that that one was weird but then that wouldn’t have been any fun.

This next one isn’t actually one of their videos. It is one of their songs with an image that I thoroughly enjoy.

Constant Conversations



That is one of my favourites. Really these are all favourites.

This new found love for Passion Pit luckily coincided with the release of their new album “Gossamer”  which included three of the songs from above; Take a Walk, Constant Conversations, and I’ll Be Alright.

I went out and bought it (digital copy is not enough if I really like something), and I love it. I must have listened to it about 20 times already. I may have to go out to get some of their previous work.


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This is the first time i’m hearing Passion Pit and I genuinely can’t figure out if i like their music or not. The videos are as confusing as they are great. The music is interesting but the videos are nothing less than mesmerizing. The words seems good but the lead singer’s diction is so poor I cant tell for sure. So in the end I find Passion Pit intriguing.

Don’t you think “Passion Pit” sounds like a good title for an adult film?

(…1986 Starring Traci Lords!)


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