Totally Krossed Out

No this isn’t going to be a whole post about Kris Kross. You remember them? The pre-teens that broke out with the massive hit “Jump Jump” in the early 90s. You can deny your knowledge of them all you want but you know that song is running through your head right now. The Daddy mac will make ya? Yeah, you know the answer to that.

Anyways a couple of days ago I was on my way to work, walked out of the subway to see my bus leave. And just like that “I Missed the Bus” popped into my head and has been there ever since.

I was up (He was up!)
But laid back down
Thinking I could chill til the time came around
I did (He did!)
But a little too long
Cuz when I woke up the other bus was gone!

That is my favourite part of that song. And no I didn’t have to look up the lyrics or listen to the song to know them. Apparently that has stayed fresh in my head for (oh my god) 20 years. That’s right, 20.

Funny thing I had never realized before was that the song used in the video and the song on the album were a little different. The beat in the video is stripped and is a bit dry but the video itself is entertaining.

I remember on what was either my 12th or 13th birthday I had a pool party with a couple of friends. Two of my best friends at the time gave me the Totally Krossed Out Tape as presents. There was a bit of controversy about who would take the tape back. To calm them I said I would keep both and play them equally. Even though there wasn’t really a way for them to tell I still kept my promise. One day I would play one tape the next day the other. I lost count the number of times I listened to that cassette.  I still have those tapes, with the original cases and jackets but sadly nothing to play them on. Thank heavens for YouTube I guess.

Aside: I am at work doing this simply because it is a bit of a slow day and I just don’t feel like doing work right now. I have been listening to a few Kris Kross songs including “Party”, “Can’t Stop the Bum Rush”, “A Real Bad Dream”, and “Warm it Up”. I can feel the stupid expression brought on by this utterly entertaining music. A friend stops at my desk asking what I am up to. I tell her listening to Kris Kross and she says to me “I don’t know who they are.” My heart almost sank in utter disbelief but then I remembered she was 2 when this stuff came out. So sad.

Remember when they tried to make that comeback in like 2000. Yeah, most people don’t. I remember the attempt but not the actual song. The thing is they have some skill but with age it did not improve and their beats didn’t evolve with the times. It just didn’t get better so no one cared. They also didn’t get any better looking and that would have helped.

Anyways, what was I really going to talk about. I can’t remember now. So maybe this is a post about Kris Kross. Well then I gotta include this:

‘Cause I’m the miggity, miggity, miggity, miggity Mac Daddy!


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