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I woke up this morning 45 minutes later than usual. This was done on purpose as I went to bed kind of late (finished watching the first season of “Girls”. I have to say I like it but Hannah is such an idiot and I didn’t expect to like Adam so much!) and I was in no rush to be at work. I was going in to a mostly empty office with almost nothing to do. I have to say I wasn’t looking forward to it as I would have preferred to just stay in bed. But no, I got up, dressed, and headed on out into the frigid world.

Winter really does make it so much harder to get out. The sun rises later, you are never warm, and our natural instinct is to hibernate. But as human beings we are not allowed to go with our base instinct, we have been conditioned to follow through with obligations and the norms of society. Arg.

I put my headphones on and was treated to a great mix of upbeat tunes this morning. Yes it is from my music collection but it is on shuffle so I am never really sure what I am going to hear. But it was the right mix to wake me up and keep me going. I was bippin’ and boppin’ trying my best not to do too much hippin’ and hoppin’ as I didn’t want to make an ass of myself in public but didn’t care enough to actually stop. I was having a good time. I walked into work ready for the day and then realized…

…it was the end of the world. You know, the whole Mayan calendar thing.

I didn’t really know what to expect. The thing is I don’t really care that much about it but as I have been thinking of how the world would end for the past little while I just couldn’t help but wonder; brimstone raining from the sky; alien invasion; earthquakes; pigs flying. Who knows?

This morning instead of the usual greeting to my coworkers, “Good morning, how’s it going?” – or something along those lines – I would say, “Good morning! How’s the apocalypse treating you?” I got a miriad of responses from, “What?” accompanied with a WTF look, to “Not on fire, so pretty good.” I have to say the greeting was well received for the most part.

It also made me think about if the world was going to end when exactly was that going to happen throughout the day. I mean that it is a Mayan calendar and I would assume that it would have to be the 21st in that time zone for it to be official. But they didn’t have/observer time zones back then so would it end on the 21st of the first place to reach that date? Was it supposed to be the beginning of the day? Halfway through? Or the end as the 21st is on the calendar so should the world end on a day that does not exist? I had a medium length discussion with a few people about this that had no real conclusion or resolution. Plus I am still here now so we still have time to find out.

But the apocalypse has treated me pretty well so far. I played this new card game I bought, Dutch Blitz, It is so much fun. A few of played for a couple of hours. We also had food ordered in for lunch, had me some tasty Pad Thai. I will also be having some of that for dinner.

Anyways, it is the end of the world as we know it, apparently, and I feel fine. I enjoyed some good laughs, played a great game, and ate some good food. That’s not too shabby.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! And just in case the world ends, Happy Apocalypse!


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Still Made of Maize

We are still alive!
Those Mayans were all so stupid.
It’s the end of their great 25,770 year cycle which, using their base-20 notation is or It’s the Mayan equivalent of Y2K.
There is some ridiculous drivel about man transitioning into multidimensionality now, and not being limited to linear time on earth much longer. More than 4 dimensions? They sound like string theorists, i.e. idiots. The LHC has already found that the Higgs Boson exists and that unexpected reading from the collision 4 days ago doesn’t suggest that string theory may be right but that there may be 2 Higgs Bosons. Hear that Mayans? The Higgs Boson double exists.
Those Mayans were all so stupid.


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