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I don’t know what to write today. I really don’t.

It is Valentine’s Day and I would like to write something related to that but I am having a hard time coming up with something that is not my usual cynical, sometimes depressing, views of the commercial holiday. Even looking at the post about my pretty nails comes off kind of bitchy.

At first I was going to write about crazy people. The ones you read about who throw acid in their ex’s face, stalkers, psychotics, are into bestiality, marry pillows, serial killers…etc. And how people take such chances just going on dates because they don’t know who they are with or may never really know who their significant other is. But I found that too depressing.

Then I came up with the idea of writing about the concept of the “Anti-Valentine’s” celebrations and how that doesn’t make any sense. This is where groups of single people get together and drink and dance and have fun in an effort to try to forget that its Valentine’s Day. But I would think going through all that effort to forget would just remind you of the day. Plus it is really just a bunch of lonely people looking to hook up.

After that I was reminded of one of my favourite things about this holiday, The Simpsons. Specifically episode 74 “I Love Lisa”. You know the episode, everyone does. It is the one where Ralph Wiggum falls in love with Lisa after she give him a pity Valentine, “I Choo-Choo Choose You”. It is such a sweet, funny, poignant episode and I am always happy to see it. Hopefully I will be able to catch it in syndication.

After I couldn’t properly articulate my feelings toward that show I decided to get some inspiration from the previous posts I had written on this day. I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed this before but all except the very first were based in music. Last year I wrote a “story” where music was used to highlight key points; the year before that I wasn’t properly prepared and ended up just posting a set of lonely person songs; the year before that was an analysis of song lyrics and how they have degraded into vulgarity over the years; the year before that was the year I posted a piece of prose I had written years before for a class I had taken; and the year before that I hadn’t entered the high-stakes competitive world of blogging yet. Looking over all of that just made me want to find more songs but that is kind of played out…right?

Maybe I just think music is a perfect subject for a day like today. For me personally, it allows for the kind of escape that I require to look past all the other…stuff. The funny thing is when I am in an emotion state of any kind my music highly reflects that. If I am sad, happy, angry, or anywhere in between so is my music. And on Valentine’s day, a day about love, I tend to listen to love songs. It is a thing. I sometimes think I am torturing myself but it is one of the few times where I may get all sentimental and mushy.

Well I just couldn’t decide on what to actually write about so I guess I am writing about nothing. I hope your Valentine’s Day treats you well. And if you do have a Valentine they better hold you in the esteem that you deserve.

I am gonna eat chocolate and curl up in front of the TV enjoying sitcoms and absorbing some drama. Me and Valentine’s Day are finally getting along.


PS. I couldn’t leave you without some music.

LL Cool J – I Need Love

Cardigans – Love Fool

Metronomy – The Bay

The Bird and the Bee – Polite Dance Song

Positive K – I Gotta Man (Something I would like to say truthfully)

Pulp – This is Hardcore

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