How could you forget?

At work I have an intern sitting beside me. He is a really nice young man but seems to lack a great deal of pop culture knowledge. I know he is only 21, which does make him part of the generation after my own, but it is shocking what he does not know. I often find myself slack jawed when he says “Who?” or “What?” when a reference is made in conversation.

Yesterday in conversation with some of my other colleagues we made reference to Jamiroquai. He looked at us as if we had started speaking some other language. We explained he was a very popular musical artist in the 90s and early 2000s.

Then to make things easy I said, “You know Napoleon Dynamite, right?”

He responded with a hesitant, “Yeah….”

“Well the song that Napoleon dances to at the end of the movie, ‘Canned Heat’, is Jamiroquai.”

Canned Heat

Then it was like a light was turned on.

Then that made me want to listen to listen to more of his music. First was the classic.

Virtual Insanity

A couple that are just great.

Little L

Cosmic Girl

One that’s good but is often forgotten about because of its association with a really bad movie.

Deeper Underground

And my personal favourite.

Super Sonic

Whatever happened to this guy anyways? He just seems to have disappeared.


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Blah blah blah! You are old and no one cares. Welcome to
Being an oldie like the rest of your pals –
Xoxo, gossip girl


Don’t “blah blah blah” me! I am not old, quite yet, and most of the people I know are actually younger than me. So there, your argument is moot 😛


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