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In recent times I have found myself kind of bored with the regular eating establishments that I frequent. It is not that the food or service has diminished in any way, it is that I feel for something different, something exciting, just something new.

So, I have been heading out to places that I have always wanted to try or people have recommended. So far I have had some great experiences. Also I couldn’t bring myself to do that thing where I take pictures of my food. I just want to eat it, so I do. I hope my descriptions do them justice.

Momofuku – Ramen Noodle Bar


I had seen a video on Hypebeast about this place and it made it look AMAZING. Food wise and architecture wise. I had also talked to a few of my friends about it who had been there and really enjoyed it. I wanted to go but just never made it there because it is kind of in an odd location. I was going out with my friend one night and he knew I wanted to try there so we went.

Meal – Momofuku Ramen – There are a few choices of ramen on the menu but I wasn’t sure which one to get so I picked the restaurant name sake thinking it would be a good place to start. When I got it smelled good and looked good but I was underwhelmed by the overall flavour of the dish. I thought it tasted kind of flat, like some seasoning was forgotten. The textures were good, the pork and noodles well cooked. The egg was weird though. It wasn’t even soft boiled it was touched by hot water, the outside was thinly cooked and when you break it it just oozed into everything. I am not a big raw egg person so for me that was a big no-no. My friend did like his meal though.

Beverage – Cherry Blaster Slushie – Tastes just like the candy in slushie form, kinda sour but sweet and all kinds of good.

Desert – From the Milk Bar – So all night my friend was saying I had to try the Crack Pie. When he said that I thought he meant it was like “crack”, it is addictive and you just want more. But no, that is exactly what they call it, Crack Pie. It is DELICIOUS! I’m not really sure how to describe it besides dense caramel tart, sweet but not sugary. I also grabbed a cookie to go. I am not 100% what it was called but I believe it was the Cornflake Marshmallow Cookie. I just want to say that this was awesome.

Overall Atmosphere – This isn’t a huge place but it is a good size and it was packed with a few long tables, bar seating, and seating along the window; It is a pretty cool space in general. It is kinda loud though which made conversation a bit yelly. The service was good, prompt, polite, and knowledgeable.

I will not give this place my highest recommendation but I say give it a shot. I know my main meal is not getting a glowing review but I may have just picked the wrong thing for me. But everything else about the place is great.

Little Fin – Seafood


This place isn’t really a restaurant, it is more like a small food bar, where the dishes are fish/seafood based. You walk in, go to the counter, order food, and there is a bar along the window to sit at and a long table in the middle. It is very bright and very chill though. I could see how during the work day that place could get rammed.

Meal – Lobster Poutine (Large) – I am a fan of poutine but I am very picky about it. Every aspect of a poutine is important or else it just isn’t good. You gotta have the right fries, gravy, cheese, and with additional toppings you can’t lose the other flavours. There has to be a balance. One of these aspects are off and it throws off the whole thing. This lobster poutine was great. They used large seasoned wedge fries, a good amount of cheese curds, some sort of seafood/lobster gravy that was flavourful but not over powering, and a good amount of lobster meat. All the tastes were balanced in every bite.

Beverage – Sprite – I ordered this before I realized they served wine. I think a nice dry white would have been perfect for this.

Overall Atmosphere – The place is small, very chill, and bright both with the colours they used (blue and white) and all the light streaming in. Remember though I went after work so there was no daytime rush so not sure how it would be on like a Wednesday at 12:30. It might be rammed and hectic. The people working there were really nice, helpful, and had answers to all the questions. I also think they were all chefs so they are proud of their product, and they should be.

I totally recommend this place. I am not even a big seafood person but this place is somewhere I can easily see myself frequenting. It is not for fancy dinners but great for a quick bite or grabbing takeout.

The Works – Burgers


I was meeting my friend after work and he was all “I feel like a burger.” I should have said something witty back like, “Why are you covered in ketchup and mustard?” but I didn’t. Sadly life is filled with missed opportunities. So we went to The Works.

I had been here before but it has been at least a year and a half since I had been back so why not?

Starter – Tower-O-Rings – It is legit a tower (yes tower) of onion rings. They were delish. Big, lightly coated, and deep fried. They weren’t too greasy and I just couldn’t stop shoving them in my face.

Meal – Hunka Hunka – So the last time I was there I has a burger with brie and pear on it, that was the wildest combination I could muster at the time. This time I wanted something crazier and this is the burger I chose. You gotta say “Hunka Hunka” all Elvis like which I did every time I said it. I just can’t help it really. Any other way and it wouldn’t make sense. This burger comes with bacon, bananas, and, wait for it,………peanut butter. Yes you read that right. I checked with the waitress first and she insisted that even though it sounds weird people really do like it. I got it with a beef pattie on, cuz I’m so healthy, a whole wheat bun. I must admit, my mind and taste-buds were very confused when I took the first bite. But before I knew it, it was done. It is salt and sweet with all the textures combined in this burger. All their burgers come with fries and they have good fries.

Beverage – Strongbow – I didn’t go for their milkshakes or slushes on this adventure but maybe next time.

Overall Atmosphere – This is a pretty chill place with a BBQ cookhouse vibe to it. Lots of wood everywhere and gingham. The service was good, not too pushy, nice, came at regular intervals and could answer questions. The worst is when you go to a place and ask a question and they look at you like you’re crazy or just don’t answer your question cuz they don’t know but give no offer to finding out.

I can recommend this place but I don’t know if I can recommend this particular burger though. I think my taste buds and my brain were just confused by everything going on in this burger but before I knew it I was done. It was just gone. So at least part of me liked it. But they have tones of burger varieties for all kinds of tastes.

Grand Electric – Mexican Food


I ended up here because I was looking for some place different to take my brother for his birthday and I had a hankering for some Mexican food. Like myself, my brother loves food, the flavours, the textures, and has no problem tracking something down that he wants  or paying for something that he thinks is great. I explained this to my friends and this place was recommended. And we were not disappointed.

Beverage – Jesus Juice – this was a bit tart but refreshing at the same time and perfectly complemented my meal.

Starter – Guacamole and chips – all in-house made and was absolutely delicious. The guac was flavourful, lots of lime, and little pepper for kick, topped with some fine julienne radish. The flavours went perfectly on top of the crispy, addictive chips.

Starter – Spicy Squid – ok so I wish I took a pic of this. It is a beautifully presented pile of fried, then sauced squid covered in globs of guac, thinly sliced onion and jalapenos. And there were A LOT of jalapenos. It was SO GOOD!

Meal – Tacos – Pork Belly, Baja Fish, Spicy Chicken, Beef Cheek – There were 4 of us there and we ordered a substantial amount of tacos in different flavours. They were very tasty; each one with its own flavours and textures to enjoy. Our table was very quiet while we were eating. The only one I wasn’t too impressed with was the fish.

Desert – Coconut Cream – You see how the word “pie” is missing from the end there? Well that is not a mistake. At the restaurant I found it quite peculiar and just assumed it was “pie” but boy was I wrong, and I am fine with that. You get this small mason jar layered with coconut cream, crumbled cookie(?) – not a hundred percent sure what it is but so good – coconut shavings, and whip. Then sticking out of it are these 2 massive pieces of torched meringue. They were like these light, marshmallow cookies that just melts in your mouth. I have to say it again…it was so good.

Overall Atmosphere – This place is small, like really small, I think there were 4 table and 2 benches. The 4 of us sat at a table which is really for 2 people (there was a lot of shuffling things around to make it work). They do not take reservations, so there is a chance there will be lots of waiting for a seat (we did not have this problem). The service was great, very polite and the food was quick. The music though was too loud, we did a lot of shouting across the table. And it was a very hipstery crowd.

I totally recommend this place. 4 forks in my pie hole. Need I say more?


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