Juicy Squirts

First, you guys are sick and should get your minds out of the gutter.

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago I needed to get some candy. I was going to go see a movie, I don’t remember which one, and I went to Shopper’s to pick some up because why should I pay $6 when I can pay $2. And I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I wanted something sweet and something gummy. Of course I looked toward the Gummie Bears first but I wanted to try something new. I skipped over the chocolate Skittles, which just confused me, then the Sour Patch Kids, the Starburst, the Twizzlers, and a various other assortment of candies. But nothing was really working for me. But then I saw these…

They were bright packages filled with fruity candy that promised to squirt fruit juice in your mouth and came in berry and citrus flavours. I was sold. Ever since then I have been insanely hooked on them.

I think the reason why I like them so much is because they are so disgusting. You get these fruity candies filled with this strange milky substance. They are soft, squishy and remind me of a pimple. You can squeeze them between you fingers and the “puss” inside explodes all over your fingers. Even if you just throw them into your mouth it pops and fills your mouth with fruity goodness. Every time I eat one I think of this…

Remember that commercial? It made you (and me) sick but you really wanted one of those drinks. I never had one because there were no Mac’s stores where I lived but if there was one I would totally have gotten one. But just imagine that zit popped in your mouth and that is what these are like.

I know I may be making you sick by comparing these to a zit but they are delicious, fruity, sweet, and chewy. I myself prefer the berry flavours but the citrus is pretty good too. But I just don’t understand why in the citrus there is an apple-strawberry flavour, it just doesn’t really belong.

As I sit here I am happily eating from the bag I bought for “research” purposes and enjoying every bite. I believe you should go out and experience it for yourself.


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