Souls of Angels

Souls of Angels by Thomas Eidson

Los Angeles – early 1800’s

A tragedy befalls the Lugo family and a mother and son die. Their husband and father coupes by trying to turn their youngest daughter into what his son should have been – a man. She flees, leaving behind the identity of Isadora Lugo to escape the insanity of her father to become Sister Ria.

Now an adult Sister Ria gets a telegraph – her father is in trouble and she needs to fulfill a promise she made to a dead woman. Souls of Angels is about a young woman’s struggle to forgive a father while trying to free him for murder.

If this was supposed to be a tale of intrigue, it almost left me not caring about what happens. In fact I almost walked away from this book a few times. I would have liked to have seen the characters more in-depth to get a better sense of who they are and what they’ve gone through, it seems like the information only scratches at the surface of their lives. Yes we’re given some major pieces of information but that’s not really built on. The intermittently interjected flashbacks try to fill in some of the blanks however they seem a bit muddled and a tad confusing.

I enjoyed aspects of this novel, like the internal struggle of the main character and at approx 300 pages it’s a pretty quick read. All in all another read it if you’ve got time to kill and nothing else on the shelf.


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