The Night Watch

As everyone will realize I am not good at reviews … Including my own writing. I just can’t talk about it intelligently. I was never really good at giving book reports not even on See Spot Run. I was all like there was this dog and he ran. I guess you could consider it an action book but then again maybe not?

And now my review.

The Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko

While I picked up this novel at a book sale I think I may have expected more from it than it gave. It seems to give just enough suspense through intermittently interesting characters and plot line to keep you reading but there never seems to be that sense of release when you realize: that’s where that was leading. Since this book is set in Moscow Russia, a place I’ve never been, I expected to get more of a sense of what the land and city were like. Perhaps in actuality it’s as bleak and dull in real life as his non descript narrative. Although I can’t believe that a wondrous place full of history such a Russia couldn’t be brought to life.

Seeing as how this is the first book of a quad series of books, its characters really don’t leave me caring about what happens next. Apparently there is a movie adaptation of the book and I can only say that hopefully it translated better on film. If one day you’ve got nothing else on your book self and are looking for something that isn’t a total waste of time you might consider this novel. I am by no means a critique I know what I like and don’t like and this one was on the lower end of the scale for me.


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