Are you bitches ready for Hammer Pants? Because they are on the way and “y’all better recognize” as they say or I say or…never mind. Seriously though, they are coming and have made appearance everywhere. First, earlier this year during New York Fashion Week in a couple of shows and then they surreptitiously splashed again in Paris a few weeks ago. They’ve been paired with some of the most hideous “heel-less” shoes, which have been rocked by the increasingly taut and dying to be fashionable Victoria Beckham (I love you Posh!! On the inside!!).

Now, trust me – I am the biggest proponent of fashion fantasy, even in economically dire times. It is truly the only thing that can alleviate the stresses of fashionistas, as they pine over their impending purchase of the new Anya Hindmarch Shoulder bag (infamous designer of the “I’m not a Plastic Bag” madness that sold out in 10 mins in New York last year) or the Lara Shoulder bag by Marc Jacobs. Because trust me – there are a lot of things that people should forego, bags shouldn’t be one of them. (Hey! I am not supposed to hand out financially sound advice!).

Coming back from the mini tangent, my point is this – when people are worrying about purchasing real items, trying to induce them to love, covet and purchase hammer pants is a bit much. No seriously, harems aside, those pants are a “NO, FAIL, DO OVER, GET BACK IN THERE AND WEAR SOMETHING ELSE!” kinda moment. Don’t fall for it, the subdued colour palette, the swishy fabric, the sway of those miraculous pants which obscure fuller thighs and saggy behinds …. OMG, NO – This cannot be happening to me! I refuse to give in! Run for the border lovers and guard your money, the Sass & Bide Sample sale is coming in exactly 3 weeks, the spandex top is on me!!!

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