Too Much To Handle?

Alright this mornings rant is about these people who drive huge vehicles like vans, SUV’s and even municipal trucks, who believe that these vehicles can’t handle doing more than 3 kilometers per hour over a little bump in the road. It’s really very, VERY annoying. Perhaps this vehicle is too much for you and you should be riding a bicycle? OR maybe just maybe these cars and trucks were made to handle more than a little bump in the road and there for its okay if you drive the speed limit. Now that said I’m all for caution and driving to the conditions of the road in bad weather but PLEASE – Lets face facts that most of these people likely feel that their vehicle is too precious to be jostled around in that manor. Again to them I say this. Walk, or take public transit – Rush hour is slow enough without having to worry about the likes of you slowing us down more than necessary. The vehicle was made for driving so DRIVE damn you DRIVE. Or get of the roads.



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