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On Tuesday I quit my job. I think I did the right thing. I am sleeping more, I feel rested, and I am not utterly annoyed at the end of the day. There is only one regret I have though. I had a post all prepared to be posted and I didn’t and it is saved on the computer at work. It was a good one too about sexy people in uniform. I even had pics all prepared.

Hot. It was going to be a great post if I had properly emailed it to myself on Friday afternoon and put it up when it was supposed to. But no I emailed the pics and about 5 lines from the post. Lets just say I was not impressed. At least I got to share the pictures so you don’t miss out too much.

Now, after being home for 2 full days I am already feeling a bit restless. I do have my hobbies to fall back on, the jewellery, writing, and painting which are my favourite ones. But my creativity seems to be waning right now. Last week I finished my big jewellery project which is this awesome chain maille necklace which looks great. It is made of blackened stainless steel and anodized aluminum. I have to say I impressed even myself and I would expect no less after working on it for almost 3 weeks.

I haven’t painted anything in over a year now which I think is a complete travesty. But painting comes to me is spurts. The last time I started painting I did continuously for almost 6 months going from canvas to canvas. The ideas were just flowing and ramming themselves into my brain and they wouldn’t let me rest. It made me feel happy and productive. I miss that.

The writing is mainly for the site these days. I haven’t written a story in almost 6 months. The last one I did write I did like. It was actually a continuation of a story that I had started almost 2 years before. I was just reading through some of my stories and there are many that I have just never finished but when I came across that one I was put in a frame of mind that let me finish it. But what it made me realise was that I was in a morbid mood. The story was about death and the 2 stories before that were about death as well. I didn’t like where my mind was taking me and I think it just turned me off of writing cuz I haven’t written anything since.

Because I am not into my hobbies right now I have had to find something else to occupy my time. I have started reading a lot of graphic novels. I picked some up at the FanExpo and I have had a whole shelf of them sitting around for a long time. Before that the last one I had read was “The Watchmen”. But even before all this time was freed up I had been gravitating towards them. Even when I went to Trinidad my book of choice was “Final Crisis” by Grant Morrison, JQ Jones, and Carlos Pacheco.

That book was good. I say good because I am not sure I get all of it. This book was the epic of the DC universe. It encompassed everyone DC had including well knowns like Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Green Lantern, and many lesser known characters. There was just so much and I had not been following the story line up until the point the book had started. But the story was intense and graphic (bloody and violent) and intriguing. It kept my focus and so much happened that when I finished reading it I felt tired. And then there was the art. The illustration was just awesome. Beautifully drawn and rendered.

But since then I have just stuck with them. I finally finished the “Y: The Last Man” series by Brian K Vaughan. And I was awed by it. I started reading the series some time last year and I don’t know why I stopped. A friend of mine introduced me to the series and I read them feverishly for a while. I even went out and bought the last 4 issues and they have just been sitting on my shelf. When I picked it up again I couldn’t put it down. And when I read that last page I was touched. I was disappointed the journey was over but it was the perfect ending to a series like that. I was poignant, non-cliché, and worth of this grand story. Who would have know a story about the last man on earth and his monkey would be so great?

I have also read a bunch of others including “Mighty Love” by Howard Chaykin. That was just ok but it has a reall good log line “A man, a woman – and some spandex”. There was also “Wonder Woman: Who is Wonder Woman?” which wasn’t bad. The story was ok but kinda blah but the art was colourful and vivid and the overall writing was good. And I read a few Batmans, “Fables”, “Preacher”, “Transmetropolitan”, “The Joker” by Brian Azzarello which has really disturbing cover art.

Right now I am going through “All Star Superman Volume 1” by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly. It is really good. I haven’t read a lot of Superman stuff. There was just something about the series that never totally appealed to me. I would pick up an issue here or there but there was nothing that really grabbed me but there seems to be something different about this one. It lacks a lot of the usual cheese that you find in the series. It is not that it is particularly realistic or intense or brutal but there is something direct, fun, and entertaining about it. Even the art in it is a little different than usual for Superman. It is a series I will most likely follow.

I guess all this reading will have to continue to fill a lot of my time until I get a new job. But the way I am reading it won’t last me ‘til next week. But I guess that means I will either have to continue with my other hobbies or get a new hobby or maybe it would be good to concentrate on job hunting.


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Randy Nichols

I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.


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