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All She Needs is a Mani and a Dentist

I know this is late. I really should have posted it yesterday. But I was too busy being in pain, staring at the ceiling, while being mocked on the phone by my ‘friend’. All in all not the best of days. It is all due to the move that I was complaining about before. No……read more

Where’s My Salvation?

  I love the first two Terminator movies. At the time of release they were inventive, interesting, and epic. The story was complicated intertwining the future, the past, people, and robots. They were well written, casted and directed. This may be… …more

There was nothing else

  Yeah, yeah, I know, where have I been? Well as for my post last week I have been busy. It can’t be helped. It is kinda late and I doubt any of you care but I saw Angels &amp… …more

It’s an alternate universe

Star Trek I am so happy. I saw Star Trek last night and it didn’t suck! It was actually pretty good. You have no idea what a relief that is. With J J Abrams at the helm I was… …more

Bad Omens?

  X-Men Origins: Wolverine The release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine this past weekend officially kicked off the summer blockbuster season. And I don’t know what to say about it. I can’t say I liked it, I can’t say I hated… …more

Where’s the Fight?

Fighting This weekend I saw the Fighting. Sigh. I know I know what was I thinking? Well my only other choices were Obsessed and Earth. I have no interest in watching Beyonce try to act. I have to listen… …more


Crank: High Voltage I don’t know what to say about this movie. I can’t really explain what happens in the movie cuz it just wouldn’t make any sense. I can’t really describe the plot cuz there really… …more


Project Runway Canada’s final episode of season 2 aired Tuesday night. I have to say I wasn’t surprised at the out come of it. If you haven’t watched it yet you can guess who the winner was. If you want to fain surprise then don’t read this cuz I am going to give it all……read more

Not Funny

Observe & Report Last night I saw Observe & Report and at the end of it I had nothing to say. I was in so much shock that I found it hard to articulate my feelings toward the movie. I was… …more

So it’s over.

ER is officially no more. So sad. ER was a great show. It had a great cast, awesome storylines, and wicked scripting for most of it. It was on air for 15 seasons, 331 episodes, and managed to continually be one… …more