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Monsters vs Aliens In recent years makers of kids films have taken into consideration the fact that adults have to sit through them too. They put in sly jokes, have good dialogue, and have a story. They have made the films… …more

Why Didn’t I know ABout This?

I don’t know how I could have missed it. I have been waiting to see something from this movie for a long time. I just found not 1 but 2 teaser trailers for the new Astro Boy movie. Here is the second one. It actually has some story and people speak… …more

He’s got a man-date

I Love You, Man Paul Rudd is really good at playing awkward. He doesn’t play clumsy, oafish, or stupid just awkward. And I think his ability to play that role is what really makes this movie. Peter Klaven… …more

2 CC’s of Awesome, STAT!

When I mention the show ER most people ask me why I still watch the show. For a while I really didn’t know why, I think it may just have been force of habit. But as the show is coming to an end (only 2 episodes left) they seem to have pulled their act together……read more

That has got to hurt

The Last House on the Left So this weekend there was nothing in theatres that I really wanted to see and if I did want to see it I had seen it already. I am not a big believer in seeing… …more

2 out of 3 ain’t bad

So on Wednesday I know I was complaining about being sick but not too sick. Well that was then. Not to long after posting that my condition rapidly deteriorated. I left work early, got drugged up and passed out for about 15 hours. Good times. I then got up, my whole body was aching… …more

Not another superhero movie

As I mentioned before I was really excited to see The Watchmen. I read the book which I enjoyed for the most part. I understood it. It was an intense, complicated and at times convoluted story but I found the ending to be a bit of a copout. It seemed like an easy way… …more


So you know how I was complaining that I wasted my money going to see the new Street Fighter movie? Well I went out to see another movie this weekend. I finally got to see Coraline. I have to… …more


Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li I don’t know how a studio, directors, actors, and writers can come together to create a blatantly obvious piece of crap and release it to the public. This movie is bad. From the opening credits as in the effects in the credits are bad, to the closing credits… …more

In Anticipation

I am currently in the midst of reading Watchmen. You know the greatest graphic of all time that will soon be released as a movie that will possibly be the greatest superhero movie of all time. Usually I wouldn’t do that. If a… …more