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It is incredible what happens when the sun comes out; people smile easier, your mood changes, and things just seem better. it is truly a miraculous thing. I say this simply because I am sitting at my desk staring at a blue sky with the warmth of the sun kissing my cheek. I just came back in from a……read more

Fun With Video

I was perusing io9 today and came across a few twistedly hilarious animations that I thought you would enjoy as well. Puppet Strange Oaks “STRANGE OAKS” from Headless Productions on Vimeo. Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty This one is… …more

Strangely Wondrous

Beasts of the Southern Wild had been on my list of films to watch for a while now. I would have preferred to see this in the theatre but was unable to find it showing in a place that was accessible to me. So I curled up on the couch on Saturday morning and watched this strange……read more


I don’t know if you have seen this as yet, it’s been out for a whole 5 days now so I assume most people with internet access and a fondness for film would have come across this and had a peek. But I have to share anyways because it is thoroughly enjoyable. I love pun humour and……read more

Golden bits of Zombie Explosions

Unless you are living under a rock you know that the Oscars were on last night. All the fashionable people of Hollywood were out looking glamourous and praising one another. I didn’t watch the whole show, The Walking Dead was on (why are you so stupid Andrea!!!!!), but I kept flipping back to see how……read more

A lot of time on the Couch

The weather in Toronto has become…spastic over the last little while. It is not the typical winter weather we have become used to in the city. Sure there are still the cold blustery days with varying intensity of snowfall but we are also getting these random “warm” days that are turning the streets into rivers……read more

2012 is so last year

Can you believe its over? It’s been over for 2 weeks now! Time is just flying by. Oh! There goes another moment. So with 2012 ending but not the world, 2013 is a blank canvas for us to paint with experiences and wonderment. The problem is I have no idea what kinds of colour… …more


Sorry to have left you so long with that last post. I know it wasn’t uplifting or particularly fun but it had to be said. As predicted I did get calls from friends, even visits, insisting that what I said isn’t true but (there is always a but) I should try to wear more fitted……read more

Now I remember

So, seriously, the last post wasn’t supposed to be about Kris Kross it just kind of happened. I was supposed to throw up the “I Missed the Bus” video cuz the song was stuck in my head but then I got all wrapped up in it after listening to a few songs. These things happen……read more

Short and Sweet

Last week I tried to write a review of The Dark Knight Rises. I saw it opening night amongst all the buzz and hoopla. The thing is i never finished writing that review and now it is too late. I talked too much about it with friends and co-workers had too much to say and then……read more