Sorry to have left you so long with that last post. I know it wasn’t uplifting or particularly fun but it had to be said. As predicted I did get calls from friends, even visits, insisting that what I said isn’t true but (there is always a but) I should try to wear more fitted aka tighter clothes, wear more makeup, and smile more. I nodded, smiled, “ah-ha”ed, and “mm-hmm”ed, taking what they said into consideration. It is not that I don’t plan on changing some of my ways it is just where to start. Ah me. What to do? What. To. Do.

Anyways, Since then I have been up to a lot of stuff. So much so that I don’t even know where to begin; chronologically, backwards chronologically, group like things together, or just kinda see where my fingers take me. I guess I will just group things together. That seems like the easiest way.


I will start with what I did this weekend, on Saturday in to the morning hours of Sunday. It was Halloween weekend in the city as it falls on a Wednesday this year. A friend of mine convinced me to go out and made sure I was dressed the part. My makeshift costume was a sexy bunny as I was supposed to be a sexy cat but all the cat ears were sold out so I had to settle. Why sexy? Because this is the only time where I can talk myself into dressing scandalously and going out in public like that. My “costume” included a body hugging mini skirt, fishnets, low cut short sleeved top, black boots, bow tie, black and white ears, and a white fluffy tail (that got ripped off and left a big whole in my skirt. Now it can only be worn to religious functions*). I also put on some crazy makeup that included these crazy long pink and blue eyelashes, glitter, and a lot of eyeliner not necessarily on my eyes.

We first headed to another friend’s place where we met about 10 other people then we all headed out for a night on the town. We ended up going to this place called Cherry Cola’s at Bathurst and Queen. I had never heard of it but was completely up for an adventure. It was a nice place with red walls, lush red velvet covered Victorian style furniture, and entertaining music. It was alright. I had a good time though but that had more to do with the company than the place I believe.

After we left there (We shut the place down!) the rest of the night was just a mess. Some people wanted to go to an after hours place, some were hungry, all were cold. We ended up eating Shwarma (it was good), taking forever to get cabs so we went to a friend of a friend’s place, then I made it home around 6:30 am, and to bed around 9. It was a good night. I am glad to say that I was very far from being the most scandalously dressed that night.

I also went on a trip back to Trinidad for 10 days. It was really needed and well deserved. I haven’t taken much time off this year and I just needed to get away for a while. The place was warm, even though it rained a lot of the time I was there but it was still good. Got to catch up with family, eat some really good food, and just lime.

I was having fun with panoramics while on the trip and here are a few of the views.

The view out the window where I was staying just south of Port of Spain.

Watching a storm roll in at Maracas beach.

Not a panoramic I know but just a view over the wing as I was leaving the island.

The weekend before I left was Nuit Blanche. I went and it was a waste of time. There was very little there and was so unimpressed with what I saw that sadly this may be the last year I go. I have to say though that a colleague of mine also went and he said he liked a lot of what he saw but it turned out we were in different areas of the event. Well apparently for the last 3 years I have just been in the wrong areas. I don’t know. I got a pretty pic out of it though.

Oh so colourful.

One good thing from that night is that the food trucks were out. Too bad my friends and I found them after we had eaten, we were so upset. But luckily we did have room for dessert! We stopped by “Curbside Bliss Cupcakes”.

We ordered 2 red velvet and 2 chocolate cupcakes. It really was bliss.


So I have watched quite a few movies in the last little while. Two are for sure in theatres, one is indie and may be in theatres, and the others are new-to-me movies. I won’t do huge breakdowns of these just some of brief thoughts.

Bloody awesome and I mean that. Dredd goes back to the source material, the comic book. It is graphically violent, intensely bloody, and there are lots of one-liners. The film makers did not try to soften this in any way and if they did you would have just ended up back at the 1995 Stallone “crap-fest” as people say that I really believe is actually so-bad-its-good. Urban does an awesome job as Judge Dredd with his unflinching frowny face, gravelly voice, and mean disposition. It is not for the squeamish but I still say you should see it.

I like this movie, a great deal actually, but I still don’t believe it lived up to the hype. And no, like Inception, Looper is not confusing. I think my problem with the movie is that the first half is one film but the second half is another. They just go in different directions, an unexpected direction really, and the feel of it just flips. The first part is what you expect, its gloomy and in a world that is the same but different enough from ours that you know it is the future. It is a dark place, kinda sad, edging towards dystopia. The second half, even though there in a different way, loses part of its intensity and is somewhat bright and some of the story gets lost. And the ending! The ENDING! It kinda annoys me cuz it technically doesn’t make sense. It activated my nerdness and it raged a bit about it. Anyways I won’t get into that cuz then I would be giving the whole thing away. It is worth seeing though.

I was really looking forward to seeing Safety Not Guaranteed about this guy who thinks he can time travel. It was cute. I liked it but was disappointed, I just expected more or better. The actors did a good job in their roles but really except for two people their characters were expendable and unnecessary. It seemed that their story lines were just filler having very little impact on the core events of the movie and when it ended they ended; no closure, no development, no future. The core story and 2 focal characters were great. It was a sweet pseudo-love story with some time travel. You can check it out.

I think Will Ferrell is funny. And for some reason I though him speaking Spanish would be funny but it really wasn’t. Casa De Mi Padre was amusing. It wasn’t “HA HA” funny but you chuckled here and there and some sequences put a smile on your face but I was kinda bored for a lot of it. A lot of the humour wasn’t in the story it was in things that could be observed like purposfully bad editing, cheap sets, things happening in the background, and Nick Offerman’s very American Spanish. If you know Spanish then this is the kind of movie you just have on in the background while doing something else but if not and you are forced to read the subtitles I would pass. You aren’t missing much.

I have to say, except for the third movie, I like the last Spiderman franchise. I thought they were fun, well acted, and entertaining. This reboot was much too soon and utterly unnecessary. When I sat down to watch The Amazing Spiderman I wasn’t expecting much at all but to my surprise it  was pretty good. There was a solid story, some great actors doing what they do, and some great effects. What I realized though when I was done watching is that it wasn’t Andrew Garfield that made the movie good it was all the people around him; Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Emma Stone, Denis Leary. Garfield aka Peter Parker had relatively little dialogue and most of it was bad and/or pretentious. His one liners were especially annoying. But because of the supporting cast you can get past that and still enjoy the overall experience. This is definitely a big screen movie, the effects and cinematography are great but I am still happy I didn’t pay to see it. But it is still worth checking out.

I don’t like Tom Ford. He is so ostentatious, full of himself, and boastful that I just want to smack him. But the problem is he is very good at what he does. I admire his work, he has talent, and that makes me even madder. He made his way into film a few years ago with A Single Man which I resisted seeing. The trailer I had seen was filled with subtle but beautiful imagery. Each moment impeccably detailed capturing a time and place. But in hearing what he had to say about the film tarnished whatever inkling I had to see it. But it was on IFC this weekend and I had to watch. It was a lovely quiet movie that was surprisingly touching and heartfelt. The actors embodying these people who are trapped in themselves desperately wanting to escape but without coming across as whiny or dreary. There is one scene which is basically about trying to get comfortable to die was really funny. It was just so preposterous that you couldn’t help but find the humour in it. This is not a film for everyone, some of its content may make people…uneasy, but I think it is worth a watch.

Ok I think that is all I have. I know I am possibly missing something somewhere and as always there will be more to come at some point. I am currently eating a gummie worm.


* Cuz its hole-y. HA! Yeah you scrolled all the way down here for a pun. You love it!

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