Don’t get so excited

This is kind of a cop-out post. I have been trying to write something on a variety of topics for the last little while and for some reason it seems to be very difficult right now. It is not just because the topics are somewhat meandering, depressing, or unspecific but because my mind doesn’t seem to be in that space currently.

I will come up with a title, which took a crazy amount of time, and then write about a paragraph or less and then close the window and not save it because I know what little I have written is crap. And I don’t skip the title and just go straight to the writing because I find it even harder to come up with a title after I have written. I think it is because I need it to encompass what I have written compared to just letting the words flow from the idea of the title.

Anyways, this post is all about a link for a comic that completely puts into words and visuals what I am currently feeling/going through.

Sure not all of it may apply to me as I have another job besides blogging so no getting wasted 10am on a Tuesday for me and I don’t get enough comments to hang myself over but that is another bad in itself. But most of it applies. Not just as a blogger but as a writer, painter, and maker of, I am gonna be humble here, beautiful things. You can get praise from lots of people but that one negative comment can really ruin you.

Anyways, it is a bit long but it is totally worth the read. It is insightful, truthful, and funny. Enjoy.


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