A Spot of Bother – A review.

Author: Mark Haddon

I would think that things would be a lot easier if you were losing your marbles, However, they’re not going all that well for George. George is older, retired and lives a proper life with his wife Jean, in England; until he discovers a mysterious lesion on his hip. Begin downward spiral.  Terrified it’s cancer and he’s dying he tries to ignore it.  Enter Katie – the daughter, she announces she’s getting married to Ray someone deemed wholly inappropriate for her by her parents, after all she had been through this once before with disastrous results ,except for her son, Jacob.  Time to throw in the gay son, Jamie,  with commitment issues and his “boyfriend” Tony – who break up because Jamie didn’t want to take Tony to the wedding. Sprinkle in some adultery and self-mutilation and BAM, you’ve got yourself A Spot of Bother. If you ever though that you’re family had issues you definitely should read this book. It will put your life in perspective by comparison.  Mark Haddon weaves and incredibly funny tail of a downward spiral of a man trying to (as the book jacket says) politely go insane.


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