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Yeah, so, I watch AOTS – “Attack of the Show” for you laymen out there – got a problem with that?

I have been a bit busy so I haven’t gotten around to writing anything substantial. I actually miss doing my movie reviews but at the end of the day when I get home I have absolutely no interest in sitting in front of a computer. Hopefully I will catch up soon cuz there are a few of them I would like to tell you about. No promises though, we will see what happens. But here are some links I have been collecting of stuff I have enjoyed.

Awkward Embraces – An awesome webseries about a nerdgirl, her awkward ways, her friends, and just what is going on. It is hilariously ridiculous which just makes it a lot of fun. It is in its second season and it is so cool there are trailers.

Season 1 Trailer

Season 2 Trailer

Tamberinos – sounds horrible but it is actually a fun site filled with games. One that I like is Taberinos. It is horribly addictive. There are lines, circles, and some butt movingly fun music. Have Fun.

Cats with Thumbs – It is an ad for milk from the UK and I thought this was hilarious. I think it was so funny because you know it is true. Shouldn’t I be scared then?

They also have a whole Youtube channel where they show you what Thumbcat can do. For one thing he purrs a lot.

Despite a biting little comment from “Roger” I am including some art links. He can suck.

Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty – This is a great little site inspired by the awesome documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. I thought it was adorable and should share.

Outdoor art – All I can say is have a look. It is thoroughly creepy but utterly fascinating

White Sculptures – Here is another weirdly awesome art thing.

Tall Painting – More art! I just thought this was kind of cool. Ooh the colours.

Rotor House – Architecture! It is an art too. Here is this innovative if not a bit odd space saving home. I would like to see this place in person.

8Tracks – Lastly I leave you with some music. 8Tracks is a site that connects music lovers. They can create playlist that can be shared with the world. There is some really awesome stuff. One of my favourites is Soundtrack to Skip Dinner To. It is salacious and fun.


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