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I’m not a religious person. That doesn’t mean I’m a bad person or that I’m anti-religion, it just means that religion is not a huge part of my life. I think this is a result of going to Catholic schools my whole life and the experiences I have had that may have disillusioned me. I do know a lot about religion, and not just my own, I find it to be a fascinating topic. I also don’t stop people from believing in what they believe but I do ask questions to find out why they believe or just to get a different perspective. I am unsure why people get so up-in-arms when others do not see their view on religion because they all preach pretty much the same thing just in different ways.

With all that said, the other day I prayed.

I wasn’t told I to do so. I wasn’t asking for something. I wasn’t looking for guidance. I wasn’t in a bad place. I just kind of did it.

Since I moved into my new place I’ve been having all my meals on the balcony (I mentioned this before). It is a great place to enjoy the summer breeze, listen to the city, and enjoy the view. I stepped through the door into the warm evening air and made myself comfortable. I sat there for a moment pleased with myself as I looked at the dinner I had prepared. Steaming ground beef, sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, shredded cheese, and alfalfa sproutsĀ separatedĀ in their own little piles circling the plate; a smaller plate with 4 flat breads; a glass of ruby red grapefruit juice. Fajitas! It looked good. I raised my head to see the vista before me, one half of the sky was already the deep blue of night, a few stars dotting the sky and the lights of distant buildings. The sun was low on the other side hiding behind a few tall buildings, colours of yellow, purple and red pooled in the sky.

I was feeling content. The world isn’t perfect, my world isn’t perfect, but at that moment I was alright with that. Things could be worse after all. And then the word “grace” popped into my head. To me that translated into saying grace.

The moment was almost ruined as it took me a while to remember the grace. The first prayer to come up was, of course, the Our Father. I have probably said that prayer more than I have said my name in my life so i should remember it. The next was The Lord is My Sheppard. A prayer that is meant to be comforting before bed but a little unnerving; it makes you think of your mortality before you sleep, that is the stuff of nightmares. I was disappointed that I couldn’t remember the grace as even hymns that I haven’t sung since elementary school seemed to come to me easier. But I calmed my self and took a deep breath, closed my eyes and said the word “Grace” out loud and the rest of the words came to me.

Grace before meals

Bless us oh Lord

For these, Thy gifts

Which we are about to receive

From Thy bounty

Through Christ our Lord in heavan


It is a simple, sweet prayer of thanks that took me back to when I was young at my mother’s table. At that age your world is whatever is happening at that moment, you had no baggage, grudges weren’t kept, and you were easy to please. I opened my eyes and that feeling stayed with me. The sky was a little darker but things seemed brighter. I just felt good.

Well that is it. I just wanted to share that.


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