Pun not intended

For some reason this popped up in my head this morning

The first time I saw this add I was in a packed movie theatre and when that girl licked that ichor of that guys face there was a collective “eww” (or something along those lines) from the audience. I never had a “Bloody Zit” never really wanted to but I always thought it would be salt, probably from all the puss.

I just had to share it with someone so I wouldn’t be the only one that feels sick. Your welcome.

Anyways, sad to say there is no movie review this week as I didn’t see one. Hopefully I will get to see something this week. I am really trying to make this “Celluloid Tuesdays” thing work, the review will come later (not like it has been on time anyways) but I save some cash that way. People who have to pay rent can’t be spendin’ their money all willy-nilly after all.

I did spend a few nights rekindling my love for “The Venture Brothers”. It is not that I ever fell out of love with the show but this just reminded me why I fell for it in the first place. I watched the first 3 seasons in 2 days, I just couldn’t stop watching. I still haven’t seen all of season 4 but hopefully I will have the funds to buy it some day soon. No I will not download it simply because a show of this caliber deserves the respect of being paid for.

I only bring up this awesome show up because I was looking though the pics my friend took when he went to FanExpo this past weekend and in the middle there was a couple in cozplay as The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. I sadly didn’t get to go and witness this awesomeness myself, this living on my own is harshing on my frivolous spending habits. Technically I could have afforded to go but I wouldn’t have been able to buy anything. That would have been torturous. Like taking a kid in a candy store and telling them they can’t have anything. Cruelty. So I will have to wait a whole year for the gates of Nerdvana to reopen. Le sigh.

Well, that is it. I just really wanted to share the “Bloody Zit” ad with you.


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That bloody zit looks bloody delicious! I’ll go tell Edward no more searching the dumsters for used tampons. Just really wanted to share that with you.


What? Nosferatu I don’t get it. I have a sinking feeling it is a Twilight reference though. If it is, for shame.


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