Can Money Buy Happiness?

I was listening to the radio today, yes some people still use that outdated technology, and they were talking about if money does buy you happiness. There was a survey done in the States by some university that wanted to find the answer to that question and the results pointed to yes. In Households that earn $250,000 or more a year 90% of people asked said they were happy. In households making $30,000 or less a year only 43% said yes.

I think if I made 250 grand a year I would be pretty happy too. That kind of money gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want most of the time. But I didn’t understand the criteria of the survey. Was this based on a balance between domestic and occupational happiness or was one more important than the other and what not. There are people out there that are happy at home but hate their jobs and just keep going cuz the money allows them to have a happy home. There are also people out there who have a great work life and a lousy home life but there home gives them somewhere to sleep.

But the problem with this survey is that they have left out a large demographic. What about all the people that make between 30 grand and 250 grand a year? I would say that is a really big group to leave out. It is possible that they didn’t leave them out but it was passed over by the radio hosts but who knows. I really should try to look up the information but to tell you the truth I am way too lazy. Knowing the information in this survey won’t better my life in anyway so why bother.

I have to say that the results didn’t surprise me at all. Money can’t literally buy you happiness; there is no store for that. If there was those people would be rich! But money does allow for more options to find avenues to your happiness. For some people happiness is sitting in a field on a warm summer’s day and watching a sunset. But the question is after the sunset what do you do? How do you live til the next sunset? And that is where the money comes in.


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I think the whole idea that a survey can categorise happiness is a big ole’ sham. Because, it cant break down (like you mentioned) how happiness is measured and experienced by individuals. In my opinion, money only secures material happiness – like being able to buy a bag or go on a trip. However, what happens to their momentary material happiness, after the bag has been bought and used and you get back from your trip and have to go back to your life. Truth is, that if in fact money is the basis of your happiness, then your level of gaiety and contentment is on shaky ground – because there exists the possibility that all your money can be lost – and then will you ever truly be happy like the 90% ?


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