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So, sometimes people question me as to whether Cory or Tra are as talented as I say or they just poseur hacks. To them I say, “Not really, ask me again in a few minutes …”

However, time and time again when I have thought about why exactly I think they are so talented, it is not Cory’s photo-intuitive eyes or Tra’s immense artistic abilities that I draw upon. Instead, I revel in this bit of poetic genius that they have coined individually.

Guess which bit has been penned by whom (there’s a little prize in it for you!).

WHAT CHA WANT (Pussy Cat Dolls inspired?)
I ain’t no fighta
I am a love-a
and once sexy motha fu$&a
I was gonna write in nothin but rhyme
but now’ i’m just outta time
my brain is hurtin
oops I have to tuck my shirt in.
what cha what cha what cha want ….. what cha want

PERTENDING (that there isn’t a serious spelling issue)
Well I gots ta go
That is the end of the show
I will be saddi
If you don’t email me at my hotmail addi
It is the weekend
And I no longer have to pretend
With a fake smile on my face
I am out of this rat race


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Really what kinda sad person wrote this? I can’t even remember who wrote what. It’s been ages.


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